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The fleet of modern Learjets flies worldwide from every airport in New York. Receive free instant quotes for private jet charter and aircraft rentals on request and view the available empty leg flights on private and business aircraft. Privatjet-Charter | On Demand Charterfl├╝ge On request we are offering rental services at the best price in the world. Our aim is to give our customers the best planes at the best possible price without compromising security or customer care. Empty Beinjet and point-to-point fares for privately owned planes and planes.

Accessible around the clock, our staff can offer you any type of jet service to suit your needs. Among our clientele are Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, athletes, wealthy individuals and all other travellers who require the highest level of service on luxurious flights. Working closely with our client, we offer the best option(s) for their route and individual preference.

Chartered aircraft New York City, NY

Within the next 30 mins, call to get your ticket for a free sedan or free food service. You are only a few mouse clicks away from your Instant Yacht charter price. NYC, the town that never sleeps: CFG has over 30 years combined expertise in the provision of jetliners and jetchartering to New York from numerous locations around the world, London and Tokyo included, and can offer everything you need to fly privately.

If your privately chartered aircraft requires more reach and greater seating capacities, no worries; CFG can handle mid-size aircraft such as the Gulfstream G150, large aircraft such as the Falcon 900, and even jetliners such as the Boeing Business Jet, which allow you to fly privately from London to New York City without gas.

Our ability to provide first-class customer care and security is supported by the ARG/US and Wyvern aviation security groups in fulfilling all FAA regulations. Furthermore, the CFG thoroughly checks every floor and personal personnel for security and professionality. Our stunning, certificated ground teams keep all our aircraft in perfect working order and our unbelievable pilot staff make sure your personal jet ride is as seamless and convenient as possible.

CFG experts and experienced chart charterers offer you several ways to land when you book your New York City jet travel. John F. Kennedy International is an imposing, massively populated and world-leading airport situated on Long Island, New York City, just south of Queens.

If you want to get to Mid-Town Manhattan, New York City, just take the I-278 North West over the Triborough Bridge. After all, there are many other airfields on the Jersey side of New York City and some of them may be to your liking. Just talk to your personal jet designer after consulting the CFG and we will make sure that your wishes are fulfilled.

So what's there to do in New York City? Perhaps a more appropriate answer could be: What is there NOT to do in New YorkCity? As America's biggest metropolis and one of three trading centres in the globe (along with London and Tokyo), New York has everything a charterer could wish for.

New York City has it all, whether it's private or professional. Within the businesspectrum, a pivotal sector is financial services, also known as Wall Street and more agents than could be referred to in any articles smaller than an encyclopaedia. New York City's three biggest companies in terms of sales are Chase, Citigroup and Verizon.

When you go to New York City for fun, just hang in there because it's full of 24 hours of commotion. As New York City has much more to do than can be posted here, consider what a travel agent is worth as the three most beloved destinations: At all times we take pride in meeting the needs of our customers.

It is our policy to ensure that every individual on board our luxurious planes is handled with the utmost care and consideration. Our aim is to ensure that our customers have the choice, whether it is the type of journey, one-way or round voyage or empty routes and on-demand services.

Our experienced CFG pilot staff ensures that our customers reach their destinations relaxed and fresh by offering trouble-free and worry-free air travel at all times. If you have ever travelled with the CFG in the past, we already know that you will call your own personal scheduler because everyone who has tried us will return.

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