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The ACSS monitoring systems used by Boeing to equip the B777 ecoDemonstrator aircraft.

PHOENIX, April 13, 2018 - ACSS, an ACSS subsidiary of the Group' companies 3 and 3, today announces that Boeing has selected its monitoring system for the 777 freighter FedEx Express operating 777 aircraft that will be fully biofuelled in 2018. ACSS' monitoring technology for the ecosystem demonstrator is intended to increase air traffic security and offer navigational assistance, more effective routing as well as improved vehicle refuelling.

The ACAS has been developed as an extension of the existing TCAS II system to enhance security, minimize annoying alarms and provide assistance to airliners, aircraft, helicopters, general aviation (GA) aircraft, and new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAS) platform development. Boeing's ecoDemonstrator programme, launched in 2012, uses aircraft tests to speed up technological progress, cut emission and aircraft fuss, increase airline efficiencies and achieve other technological innovations.

Lufthansa Systems' Commercial Solutions division manages Thales' combined 70 per cent and 30 per cent of Lufthansa Systems' shares in Lufthansa Systems' Commercial Communication & Surveillance Systems (ACSS). It develops and produces for all aircraft and chopper sectors and provides support for aerospace and general airline, GA and defence aircraft operations.

The ACSS company manufactures aviation electronics solutions that enhance security, situation awareness as well as operational efficiencies for civil and defence airlines. Over 75,000 ACSS product lines are in service in civil, business and defence aircraft. We are the sole distribution and technical service provider for ACSS aviation equipment. Information on ACSS can be found at

Information about Thales Avionics can be found at The Thales Group is a leading provider of technologies for the aerospace, transportation, defense and defense industries. Thales achieved a turnover of 15 euros with 65,000 staff in 56 states. Employing over 22,000 engineering and research professionals, Thales has a unrivalled ability to develop and implement devices, frameworks and solutions to address the most demanding safety needs.

Incorporating approximately 31,000 employees globally, New York City-based company 3 Technologies is a leader in a wide variety of communications, electronics and sensing technologies used on defense, home country defense and business platform applications. The company is also the main supplier of aeronautical and space equipment, safety and detecting equipment and pilots education.

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