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Airport Transfer Hotel

We offer free tours, maps and travel guides for every shuttle, bus, taxi and limousine transport. A shuttle or private transfer from Barcelona airport to the city or surrounding area. Door-to-door hotel and domicile service, by taxi, limousine or minibus.

Rom Airport Hotel Buses and Shuttles

Rome Airport Hotel is an inexpensive door-to-door option to a cab between Rome Airport and your Rome Hotel. It is a common bus connecting Fiumicino Airport with the city of Rome. There is a regular bus connection between the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport in Rome (Fiumicino International Airport) and all hotel and apartment establishments in Rome.

The name of the real estate for our joint transportation service should be that of a hotel or apartments listed by the Tourism Board, as our service does not take you to your home base, but rather to the next hotel or apartments. Car sizes and transfer times vary depending on the number of returns and are entirely dependant on the number of persons who arrive at a similar date as you and travel to the same area of Rome.

Normally a shuttles in an 8-seater coach, but other cars can be replaced. The transfer will be immediately acknowledged and you will receive a gift certificate which you can present to the chauffeur. Services are available for every hotel in central Rome. Please contact us for details. Stadthotels in Roma may be situated along tight paved roads, so that it is not possible for the shuttles to use them.

If this is the case, the shuttles will bring you as near as possible to the front of the hotel. There are no discounts for kids and senior citizens in the shuttles. As with all joint shuttles around the world, it can take 30-60 min. for the truck to travel from the airport to the town, but if there are several drop-offs of clients throughout the town, it can take as long as it takes for the drop-offs to take place when you are one of the last.

Leonardo Express Airport is a special airport express that takes 30 min to get to the center of Rome (Termini Station) with a 30 min interval. However, the only reasons not to use the services are the costs, which are about twice as high as the costs of competitive buses and commuter trains.

It is a special airport railway that departs non-stop every 30mins. From Termini railway in Rome all trams come and go from track 25, in the central area of the railway yard - near the baggage depot at the railway yard. In Fiumicino the railway is part of the Fiumicino railway area.

Though it can be a nice stroll to the train stations, it is covered with treadmills. Privately owned cars with your drivers who will welcome you in person as you leave duty are another convenient way to get away from a hotel bus service. One effective way to see Rome within the restricted period of your stay is a brief trip through Rome on the way from the airport.

It' an excellent way to quickly get to grips with Rome and perhaps check your priority for what you want to see later. Directly to Termini railway station 55 minute drive.

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