Srilankan Airlines Destinations

Sri Lankan Airlines Destinations

Favourite destinations on SriLankan Airlines. Weekend Business Class Promotion at It has recently started serving European destinations via Paris and Frankfurt.

Sri Lankan airlines interrupt flight to Paris and Frankfurt

Srilankan Airlines, the national carrier of Sri Lanka, today announces that it will suspend its services to Paris and Frankfurt from October and November this year. Accordingly, the last services between Frankfurt and Colombo (UL 553/554) will be performed on 30 October, while UL 563/564 on 6 November 2016 will complete services between Paris and Colombo.

It said the Sri Lankan government had made it clear that it would no longer finance the ongoing loss. Airlines' origins have said that the routing system is continually assessed in the light of changes in dynamic markets in order to maximise sustainability on more profitable itineraries.

Although the decline in the price of fuels helped to improve the efficiency of the company, this advantage was significantly affected by the decline in revenue for the 2015/16 financial year relative to the prior year. The increase in Colombo's capacities, in particular by airlines from the Near East, combined with a fall in fares on the Community air transport networks, has led to a reduction in the share of the Community air transport networks in relation to other airways.

Airlines' source data also indicated that there were no short-term indications of a yield upturn. It offers day to day services to both Doha and Abu Dhabi and maintains a close code-share link with Etihad and Qatar, which continues to connect it to destinations in Europe via Paris and Frankfurt.

The airline's London base remains the gate to Europe, where it uses its state-of-the-art A330-300 aircraft for day-to-day non-stop operation, offering greater passenger convenience and a better flight environment.

Ceiling of SriLankan Airlines wants more flights in Pakistan

KARACHI: At a point in history when most overseas airlines are shutting down their operation in Pakistan, Sri Lanka's domestic airline has sworn to increase its business if it has the opportunity. As SriLankan Airlines Chief Marketing Officer GT Jeyaseelan said at the opening of his new offices, we have permission to fly to Islamabad and Lahore, but we are considering more than just the two of them.

"We' re a small carrier, but our growth plan is big, and it all comes down to certification and developments over the next few months," Jeyaseelan added. In 1980 SriLankan Airlines began operating three weeklies to Pakistan and extended its frequencies to one day from Karachi to Colombo.

Malaysian Airlines closed its Pakistan operation early this year as part of its business plan to contain expected 2011 and 2012 loss levels, following its announcement in December last year. "He said, "The relation we have begun today will be the basis for this," and added, "We believe it will not take more than three to six month.

Airline officers have issued invitations to Pakistan International Airlines to fly to Colombo. "Jeyaseelan said, "We want to improve the collaboration between SriLankan Airlines and the PIA. "We' ll be glad to ask them to work with Karachi and Colombo," said Jeyaseelan. Although we are expanding beyond Pakistan into another land, we would be delighted to work with the PIA.

Air carriers have a tendency to cooperate on long haul routes, which means that one of the two routes is not operated. It serves 60 destinations in 33 European, Middle Eastern, South Asian, South East Asian, Far Eastern, North American and Australian states. As Jeyaseelan noted, "Sri Lanka and Pakistan are two narrow, welcoming neighbors.

TCB Aviation also announces the nomination of TCB Aviation as General sales representative. Specifically, Global Air Transportation Services (GSA) is in charge of the sale of all air carrier related items, such as air fares and freight hold. Air carriers usually use a SSA in areas where they do not fly to or from Europe, so they can have a distribution footprint in a particular market at a lower price than opening their own office, Wikipedia says.

"Looking forward to a new epoch in Pakistan operational business with the nomination of TCB Aviation," said SriLankan Airline Head of Worldwide Sales Lal Porera. The company relied on the growth of its airlines after the alliance. TCB Aviation CEO Ali Majid said that the Sri Lanka-TCB relationship would have a good time.

Previously, a vernacular olive light celebration took place on Friday mornings at the newly opened SriLankan Airlines offices. Sindh Law Minister Ayaz Soomro was the main visitor at the band severing ceremonies. High-ranking representatives of SriLankan Airlines, Lal Perera, Lalith De Silva and a number of banking executives were also present at the well-attended meeting.

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