International Taxi Service

The International Taxi Service

A lot of our customers order a taxi service for other travellers. Taxi. The worst experience ever and the worst taxi service ever. Taxis are easily accessible and provide service to the metropolis of Philadelphia and surrounding counties.

Secure way to go

You will never have to charge a lump sum again, even in transport & & if you decide to make a booking, don't bother, we don't have a booking surcharge! Don't take the chance of loosing an appointement. No matter if it' a plane ride or an Interview, we will get you there in time. Immediately we will dispatch a quick and safely moving car to you.

Our cars are spread all over our area and we follow them with their latest version of our satellite system, so that each order is accompanied by the nearest car to you! If you compare our fares with those of other businesses in our region, you will find that our fares are much lower and our service is much better.

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Taxi and limousine services

Taxis are easily accessible and offer service to the metropolis of Philadelphia and neighboring shirelands. Taxis can be reached in Zone 5 on the Commercial Transportation Roadway. A $28.50 lump sum is charged for the trip to Center City Philadelphia (one way, includes entrance fees). The Fairmount Ave (Nord), South Street (Süd) Delaware River (Ost) et University City /38th Street (West).

Every target within these limits is entitled to receive the Center City-Flatrate. Extra $1.00 per person (maximum $3.00) after the first person will be added to the first person's travel cost for package tours between the airport and Center City for persons over 12 years of age. 1. There' a $10 min from the airport to any point.

In order to book a trip to your final point, please go to the Ground Travel Information desk in each of our checked-out areas. Once you have collected your bags, the ground handling information agent will turn to an authorised transport service company for you and notify you as soon as your journey has arrived. Limousine and limousine service is available in Zone 6 and group buses in Zone 7 on the Commercial Transportation Roadway.

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