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Clia Taxi Service

Are you looking for the KLIA Taxi Service? Booking now to enjoy the best budget/premier taxi rate calculated at NETT price. Passengers can choose from taxi and limousine services offered by KLIA Airport Limo to selected areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. The most reliable and efficient airport taxi and limousine service in Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur Taxis &


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KLIA uses a two-stage taxi service system that includes both limos of the taxi rental company Flughafen Limo as well as downtown cabins to collect customers at Kuala Lumpur International airport (KLIA) in order to shorten the passenger wait to less than 10min. The passenger has the option to buy a voucher and use the limousine or a taxi, for which the price can be payed at the counter.

Default taxi fare for a cheap taxi is RM3.00 for the first 1 km or first 3 mins. taxi with taximeter offers an option for travelers to find their way around. Consumers must buy an RM2.00 voucher before entering these cabs. Travelers can select from Airport Taxi & Limo services provided by KLIA Airport Limo to select areas in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

Powered by Airport Limo M Sdn. Bhd. KLIA's taxi and limousine service operates via a voucher system that you buy at the Airport Limousine counters: Please call Airport Limo (M) Sdn. Bhd. for information on taxi fares by zonal voucher system and reservations.

Limo Airport (M) Sdn. Bhd. The measured cabs, which are available on levels 1 and 3 of the main terminal building, give travelers an option to locomotion. Consumers must buy an RM2.00 voucher before entering these cabs. FM2, which is charged, provides the passenger with a tickets which also serves as evidence of the journey.

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There is a taxi service with a taximeter on KLIA 1 recently; I will not be recommending this service to anyone because I was cheated by the taxi rider this afternoon. What is more, I will not be recommending it to anyone. When I got home, the numerator abruptly switched from RM45 to RM65 and when I asked him why, he replied that there was another RM12 fee (which later found out it was completely fraudulent) and I had to foot all the tolls (which SPAD explained to me was true).

Briefly, do NOT use this service! Taxis that we took in KL were all shown with their price on the instrument panel - inclusive of a 12RM tax and most of the mentioned "plus tolls". Why did you use a taximeter from the airports instead of receiving a PRE-paid coupon from the taxi shop in the terminals?

Thus, the issue was whether the RM12 is valid if one takes a taxi from the airfield. While I know it's true when you take a taxi to the airport, that's a contentious point as most use lump sum prices. By the way, this service is new in KLIA and has just been launched this months.

It' s not possible that you will catch a flu within 12 hrs, and very unlikely that you will get it from the chauffeur, but it is more likely that you will get it by using elevators, stores, restrooms, rooms, dining with the rest of humanity. Purchase a taxi coucher at the taxi desk. KLIA has an overland limousine service.

Occasionally you may run out of a certain vehicle model, 3. you must send a ticket 3. towards the handler and he will allocate you a taxi. Verify with the handler if you have to give RM12 to the taxi cabbie ( which I don't think you should do).

You don't want the taxi to bill you for RM12.) If you arrive at your final stop, make sure all your baggage is out of the taxi before you make your payment. When he tries to pull you off the RM12, notify the bellhop. Rm12 was a traditional requirement because urban cabs may not be collected from KLIA, so he must be returned to the town empty.

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