Boeing Vip Jet

The Boeing Vip Jet

The Boeing 787, which is being rebuilt into a VIP jet, has an abnormal crash at Moses Lake Airport. Photographs of the accident show an abandoned aircraft that tilted on its face after the collapse of the front undercarriage. Several of Boeing's early 787 Dreamliner were so confused during installation that they were not suitable for selling to an air carrier and were stored for years without customers. Some few were finally resold to be converted into expensive VIPs.

Last Thursday in Moses Lake, which adds a sorry Koda to this sorry story, one of these VIP planes dropped on his face. When the jet was sitting on the Grant County International Airport dock, where a special cabin was fitted, the bow wheel broke down. Photographs of the event were published online as an abandoned plane turned upside down.

Dreamliner No. 11 was purchased by Korea Air - but not for use as a scheduled flight. Kirkland-based Greenpoint Technologies, which creates and constructs individual luxurious interior spaces "for residential customers and government leaders", was awarded the tender for the renovation. In 2009 Boeing built the glider for the first time, but due to several revisions it did not taxi until six years later.

Boeing eventually supplied the jet to Korea Air in 2015. Greenpoint was asked to do the interiors, which are usually very costly and take years. Christine Hadley, Greenpoint Marketer, declined to respond to questions relating to what occurred or the likely repairs.

"Greenpoint Technologies' VIP 787 witnessed an event being investigated," she said in a brief e-mail message. Paul Bergman, Boeing spokesperson, said: "We are conscious of the event and have made contacts with Greenpoint," but refused to say more. Said it was possible that the front hull of the aircraft, which had been repaired in one go by Boeing Global Partners Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita, Kan., 787, could be repaired.

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