Cessna 150 Rental

Rent Cessna 150

#313AA 2013 #172SP #1000. #10847 1975 CESSNA 150 # Hourly rate $100.00 Fort Lauderdale Aircraft Rental and Flight Training. I'll see how we can get a Cessna 150 into our rental fleet. Which are the current rental prices for a 150?


I' ll see how we can get a Cessna 150 into our rental group.

When an FBO rents the plane and also resells petrol, it is bought at prime price, so the number would be even lower. Motor reserves also look a little high, although on a continent you have to calculate a Top-OH (valve guide & seat anyway) about half way to the TBO.

It doesn't really show anything for the servicing and repairs of inspection, but the amount of petrol is more than high enough to offset that. The FBO would do this work at prime expense. They' re not recovering their expenses. Bottom only the expenses, does not constitute any servicing or damaging of airplanes or any holding expenses for the principal expenses.

Somewhat high on the gasoline consumption Rod.........need to reduce that to half that for the avarage hr consumption.....I am flying an 182 and even though I did not utilize Rehm valley energy, my hr consumption for the whole last year was $60. Generally speaking, we have calculated four fold the price of our petrol for our charters.

Since there is no pilots and there are no commercially available extra like a paid pilots participating, 2.5 to 3 fold the costs of petrol could be worked with. The Tecnam LSA with car gas. Customers who rent the plane have high aspirations and whether you are charging 75/hour or 115/hour.

Whatever it took to make a forty-year-old plane look like and soar to the highest new standards. There is no need to be concerned about additional petrol charges and/or change the rental price every other working days. Allow your customers to care about the propellant, and in your case you will still have the propellant.

oops I tore off one page, I should have double-checked the mathematics.

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