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Blue Skies Flying Services aircraft are IFR equipped and certified. Bureau of Training and Flight Training - Rental Aircraft Now that we've collected 12,000 flying hrs in everything from the C152 to the Challenger aircraft, it's back to where the action started - with small aircraft and easier schedules. I may not have had the chance to experience flying and eventually make a worthwhile flying experience without your guidance, confidence and encouragement."

"Howard and Laurie gave me and so many others in air travel a great launch. You' ve always been more than just a flying academy and an FBO."

hired aircraft

Our aircraft range includes singles and multi-engined aircraft for hire, trainings, corporate trips or just for pleasure. For more information about one of our available aircraft, please call us at 636-946-6066. The Diamond DA40 is a low-wing four-seater compound aircraft designed for everything from initial education to face-to-face transport under tough IFRS winds.

Its 4-cylinder 180 hp fuel-injecting Lycoming motor allows the aircraft to travel as quickly as 140 kn with 9 gal per h of petrol. The Garmin G1000 Integrated Flight Decks will take you into the TAA aircraft family. Latest news about sport planes is available at SCFS! Featuring fiberglass dashboard instruments, the panel-mounted Garmin 496 and a cruising range of 130 km/h, the GX is as much at home in the air as it is well outfitted.

SportStar is an agile, two-seater low-wing light aircraft. This is great for the pilots who only want to enjoy flying and great for the students who want to practice for their sport pilots certificates! 152 is an economic two-place instructor with essential navigation features, a payload of 525 pounds and a cruising rate of 106 cts.

Classical four-seater aircraft approved for dashboard flying, with a payload of 950 pounds and a cruising rate of 120 cts. Ideal for travelling or exercising! Accelerated four-digit aircraft approved for dashboard flying, with an enhanced payload of 1050 pounds and a cruising rate of 130 cts. IFR certificated high capacity aircraft able to carry payloads of over 1100 pounds at a cruising rate of 150 cts.

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