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Taxi-numbers to book a taxi or to get information from Glasgow Taxis. Details about the online taxi booking are also available. Reserve your taxi in Glasgow right now with immediate or pre-booked service.

Who Enter the front seat passenger data so that the rider can call the front seat passenger if necessary. Verify your bookingVerify your reservation data and choose your prefered means of financing. Click on the "Confirm booking" pushbutton to complete the reservation procedure. Detailed informationYou will get a reservation acknowledgement with all travel data and the paying pin by e-mail.

Auto and contactsYou will get your driver's auto and contacts information by e-mail and SMS about 30 min before the pick-up pick-up hour. Drivers arriveAn extra SMS will be sent to you as soon as the drivers arrive at the pick-up area. If you verify ID & rideAfter the rider has checked that you are the right client, he will take you to your goal.

At the end of your trip, you will authorise the transaction with your personal identification number (PIN). Once you' re signed in, simply go to Reservations and click the Edit or Reverse Buttons. Kindly note the changes in your reservation and cancellation periods. There may be extra charges based on when you make a reservation modification or cancellation.

Arrival and departure from and to the airport by taxi

Relax and make life less stressful by making your travel arrangements in advance. And there is no extra charge for payment by credit cards. Do you travel regularly for work? E-mail us to create your corporate bankroll and you will begin to travel more efficiently and conveniently. There is nothing more to get you in the right vacation atmosphere than a rebate!

A 20% rebate will be issued by your chauffeur, which you can use for your next trip to or from the airports.

book a taxi - Glasgow Forum

Hello, I was asking myself if anyone knows of a reputable firm where I can book a taxi to Edinburgh. I am willing to spend a little more if it is dependable and hassle-free what I am looking for. It' s 55 mile from Glasgow Airport to Edinburgh and a cab would be very high.

Busses are common and dependable. Glasgow 500 Shuttle from Glasgow International to Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow with a simple transfer to Scottish Citylink 900 to Edinburgh. Purchase a through pass from the chauffeur for GBP 12,50. Kenko says a cab's very high. Busses are up to date, frequently and easily changed as they are located in Buchanan Bus Stn and only a few metres apart.

Then if you need to use some of the savings to take a taxi once in Edinburgh to your Edinburgh lodging for a few quid. Knowing the busses after using them, I have a sensible estimation of the cost of a taxi in the back of my head. Have I wondered if it is possible to book a taxi and if there are reputable taxi booking agencies?

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