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Taxicab click

Booking a taxi with just one click. The TaxiClick is the application to order a taxi from any smartphone, with more associated vehicles on the market. With just one click you can request and book a taxi. Taxicab Click and GO is an amazing smartphone app that lets passengers book or pre-book a trip in seconds at the touch of a button. Latest tweets from Click A Taxi (@clickataxi).

Download the free app for your portable device.

The TaxiClick Easy is a completely free smart phone application that allows you to quickly, safely and conveniently request a taxi. With just one click the taxi comes to you, shortens waiting times and improves your ability to travel in the city. Advanced features make operation very easy and you no longer have to talk to an operator because you are right there.

When you OK the search for the nearest taxi starts immediately. As soon as you have found the taxi, you will receive a confirmation and can check the route to your location directly on the map. If the application is closed, your taxi will still arrive. You can also click on the vehicle symbol to find out about the characteristics of the taxi, the registration number and the model of the vehicle.

chelabash again? You have the option of booking a traditional taxi or an ecological taxi (natural gas, electric or hybrid). For activities such as hotels, offices and restaurants there is a special version of the app for tablets with Android systems, "with specific features for the needs of business customers.

Customer tracking via UPSPS

GPS tracking of the client and precise directions to the terminals. At the time of reservation, the client can also specify the target adress. In the same app, the operator can specify whether he needs a taxi with specific requirements: pay by car, customized car, height, etc. At any time the client can see the taxi's status and arrive.

Registering takes place during the download at the instant the cell phone number is confirmed by SMS. Applications log the performance of the users.


Select the vehicle model that best suits your needs, from the P.O.S. to the vehicle model. Optionally, you can either call a taxi or make a booking for the date and hour you want. It is possible to administrate the entered reservations at any given point and you will get an alert by text message before the taxi arrives.

What about the number? There is no prepayment, the classical way of paying is the classical one, at the end of each trip you can decide whether you want to make your purchase in money or by using your bank account.

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