Book Holiday Transfers Online

Booking holiday transfers online

Their published articles have appeared in various print and online publications. Transfers & Luggage Information Fill in your trip details Fill in your location where you would like to be collected. Select the port or your reserved adress. Select between a simple pick-up or a drop-off and fill in your itinerary. Select your transfers Select one of the possible transfers in your city.

Possible transfers include a coach, shuttles, private transfers or a sedan.

Various kinds of transfers can be used. See the information pushbutton on the hours of operation of the transfers. You can also specify the extra baggage you have brought with you and any extra items you require for your transfers. Person-related data Please fill in your person-related data. Verify your reservation data and finish your transfers Verify your data and validate all your entries to finalize your reservation.

Once you have made your reservation, you will be sent your trip documentation in the shape of a gift certificate by e-mail within 24hrs. Information about your repatriation can be obtained either from the agent of our agent (who was also in charge of the transportation to your accommodation) or at the school.

If the latter is the case, you will be informed at the front desk about your repatriation to the destination area. Should this not be the case, please ask at our front desk a few workingdays before you fly back. We also have a helpline in many jurisdictions to answer your bank transfers. You will find the helpline number and your address on your bank receipt.

Notice: Transfers can be arranged up to four business day in advance. You will be charged from your Visa or Mastercard account. Reductions for kids are included in the prices. Should your flying times have changed, please let us know as soon as possible.

Amendments may be made up to 48 hrs before the expected ETA at the final point of the journey. Once you have modified your flying times on our homepage, you will be sent a new confirmation/invoice. If you are informed about a scheduled date shift during your holiday, please contact your nearest agent.

You can also make the necessary changes online. It is not possible to make changes to bookings, such as changes to the date of departure, destinations, mode of transport or arrivals airports. However, if you want to modify any of these positions, you must reverse your whole move and book a new move with your new information.

You can cancel your bank remittance at any point in our client log-in (for a fee). 1 bag and 1 carry-on bag per passenger are inclusive in your fare (also for kids under 12 years). In case you wish to take a second bag with you, it must be reserved as extra-leggage.

This surcharge is contained in your transferred rate. More than 2 bags per passenger cannot be used. When you book a second case, you can no longer book sport outfits. You can bring your own sport gear for a fee if you have reserved it with your transport (as separate baggage).

The following sport gear can be booked by adults: a gulf bags, dive gear, skiing or snowboarding gear. Kids under the age of 12 are not allowed to take along/book sport devices. Fees for extra bags are part of the total cost of your transfers. Informations about extra luggage: The majority of our gear complies with altitude requirements.

skiing equipment: Snowboard equipment: Bags of dive gear including: respirator, regulators, harness, manometer, dive face shield, 1 set of flippers, 1 set of snorkels, a lead strap and an air canister.

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