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Taxi! combines elements of arcade simulation and strategic management to give you control of an emerging taxi business in one of three 3D cities. Look what your friends are saying about Taxi 90.

90 million for the construction of an electrical aircraft taxi.

Lilium, the Germany -based start-up Lilium, has received $90 million for the construction of a five-seater, all-electric air taxi. Funds will be used to support the development of the company's five-seat Lilium Jet business and to expand the company's workforce to more than 70 employees. A fully turbocharged Lilium Jet could remain in the air for about an hours and fly at over 180 km/h, as planned.

There will also be an on-demand function that allows the user to order the taxi to a nearfield. With this round of finance, Lilium's mutual fund totaled more than $100 million after the start-up company last year made a $10 million seed outlay. Tencent, Skype co-founder Niklas Zennström's Atomico, Twitter co-founder Ev Williams' Obvious Ventures and the LGT retail bank group are the latest round of capitalists.

"This is the next step in our fast development from concept to commercial success that will revolutionise the way we fly in and around the world's cities," said Daniel Wiegand, Lilium's chief executive officer and co-founder, in a declaration. Although it looks as if the pilotsless trip will be part of our futures, an earlier survey by UBS, a leading global provider of banking services in Switzerland, revealed that more than half of those questioned were not willing to fly a pilotsless trip, even if it is cheaper.

Lilium in April heralded the world's first test mission of its all-electric two-seater VTOL test aircraft. It is Lilium's expectation that the first fully operational manned aircraft will take off in 2019 and that the on-demand facility will go into operation in 2025.

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The taxi is provided via the Steam button for Windows. A free Steam escrow service is needed for the return of keys. Taxi! combines array simulations and strategy managment to give you full command of an emerging taxi business in one of three 3-D city. You start with a run-down old taxi, pick up your guests and perform a wide range of handling tasks until you can raise enough money to fit out your cabin and reinvest in new cars.

Select your personnel carefully, while a chauffeur can be pricey to purchase, take less chances, resulting in a catastrophic crash where you take over the pricey tabs at the nearest workshop. Every rider will outperform in a certain area, but some may be less skilled, so you don't want to put one of your fully equipped vehicles at stake with an unexperienced rider who is more likely to plunge the car into an unrecognizable clutter of mud.

Every one of the three American, European and UK towns has its own distinctive car and requires you to consider which section of the highway to use. Beware of pot holes, petroleum spills, peaks in demand and variations in speeds as you try to get your passengers to their destinations on schedule.

You' ll have to accomplish a multitude of arcane tasks, including eager travellers who will encourage you to violate transport regulations to get your baggage to its final destinations quickly and safely on the racks of your taxi.

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