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Smart, LLC ('Smart Tuition'), a fully owned affiliate of Blackbaud, Inc. If you visit this website, use an intelligent solution, or otherwise make your information available to us, you accept the privacy policies described herein. While we may revise this Privacy Statement from our website from times to times, please review it regularly for changes. We do not record any person-related data about you, unless you make it available to us on a voluntary basis.

It is our policy to use " information about you that allows us to identify you or allow us to communicate with you. Generally, this information is required when you are asked to sign up before participating in a competition, subscribe to email newsletter, conduct an on-line poll, join a restricted Premium Website, view information about premium-level resources, sign up as a member of a Smart Solution or as a member of a Smart Solution or request information about or purchase of Smart Solutions.

Smart Tuition's website and Smart Solutions give a unique identifier and transmit it to your computer in the format of a small text document known as a "cookie". "The use of this cookies allows you to browse other password-protected areas of the Smart Tuition or Smart Solutions website for which you have secure login without having to log in again.

Using Your Personally Identifiable InformationWhen you submit personally identifiable information to us, we will use it only for the described purpose where it is gathered or elsewhere on the Site, in a Smart Solution, or in an appropriate manner. In particular, we may use your personally identifiable information in the following ways:

1 ) to make it easy for you to use the Site or Smart Solution by not having to provide your personally identifiable information more than once; 2 ) to help you quickly find information about Smart Solutions and our client service; 3 ) to help us produce and provide information that is most useful to you; and 4 ) to notify you of Smart Tuition products updates, promotions, updated information and other new products and additional information.

When you are a parent/student registered with a Smart Solution, we also use your personally identifiable information to take steps that you might wish to take when using a Smart Solution, such as handling payment requests or making a donation to your local schools. When you are a Smart AIDS candidate, we share the information you give us in your claim or in the accompanying documents that you give us at the institution where you are requesting funding.

Your personally identifiable information will not be sold, licensed, transferred or shared with you without prior notification unless (1) you specifically grant us permission to do so, (2) it is necessary for our suppliers, agents or representative to be able to perform for or with us, (3) it is necessary to make our goods or render our sevices available to you,

4. it is provided to companies that provide merchandising on our behalf or to other companies with which we have common merchandising or other arrangements; 5. it is necessary or we believe it is appropriate in relation to a disposal of all or substantially all of the Smart Tuition's or its affiliates' property or operations,

Selling shares or interests of Smart Tuition or its affiliated companies, or merging Smart Tuition or its affiliated companies into another company or any consolidating, exchanging shares, combining, reorganizing or similar operation in which Smart Tuition is not the surviving party, (6) it is necessary to safeguard and defending the right or ownership of Smart Tuition or its affiliated companies, (7) it is necessary to act in emergency cases to safeguard the privacy of Smart Tuition's clients, Smart Tuition's website users or the general public, or ( 8 ) otherwise as necessary to safeguard the security of Smart Tuition's clients, Smart Tuition's website users or the general public. to act as Smart Tuition may otherwise do, or (8) to act as Smart Tuition may act in such manner as Smart Tuition may act in such manner as to prevent the loss of your privacy.

From time to time, we enter into contracts with other businesses to perform restricted functions on our behalf, such as packing, shipping and delivery of goods purchased, responding to customers' inquiries about our product or our range of related activities, shipping items by post, and registering events. However, we make available to these businesses only the information they need to operate the business and they are not permitted to use that information for any other purposes.

When you are located in California, you may ask us to provide certain information about your information or not to share your information (whether gathered on-line or off-line) with third party companies for their own promotional use. Children collects information from outside Children is a general public site, and we do not knowingly seek information from anyone under the ages of 13 or attempt to resell any product to anyone under the ages of 13. If you are under the ages of 13, you must ask your parents or guardians to help you use our website or Smart Solutions.

We ask that you allow us a reasonably long timeframe to respond to your inquiry, as some promotional activities may already be in progress. E-mail We welcome your queries and remarks about our website and our products and service, as well as your e-mail communications to the post boxes on our website. While we may choose to keep or reject your e-mail for a limited amount of your life, your e-mail will not be used for any other purposes.

Accessibility to your personally identifiable dataWe give you the means to make sure that your personally identifiable information is accurate and up to date. When you are a registred visitor to our website, you may inspect and updated this information at any times on or Registred members can see and process personally identifiable information that they have already provided to us.

Smart Tuition e-mail newsletter and blog subscriptions and unsubscriptions are available to all Smart Tuition subscribers. We limit our ability to gain unrestricted and unrestricted acces to personally identifiable information we collect about you on our website to our staff, our affiliates' staff, those otherwise listed in this policy, or others who need to know that information in order to offer our products or service to you, or in the course of carrying out our businesses or activities.

Although no website can ensure safety, we have taken reasonable precautions, physically, electronically and procedurally, to safeguard your personally identifiable information gathered through the website. It also advises all Smart Tuition staff on their responsibilities to safeguard client information and provides them with appropriate guidance to comply with our company's ethical and privacy policy.

Within Smart Tuition, information is saved on password-protected server with restricted accessibility. To process and store your payment information, we adhere to the security standards of the Payment Industry. To simplify matters, we may offer hyperlinks to other sites and web pages that we do not monitor.

It is not our responsibility to monitor the data protection policies of Web sites or pages that are not under our reasonable control, and we do not approve of any of those Web sites or pages, the service or product described or offered on those Web sites or pages, or the contents of those Web sites or pages.

There are a number of uses we may use a cookie for - for example, to ensure consistency during a visitor visit, to collect information about your use of our Web site and Smart Solutions for research and other uses, to record your preference for certain types of information and market offerings, or to record a username or encoded identifier so that you do not need to enter that information each and every times you visit our Web site or Smart Solutions.

In order to make sure that we publish contents that our clients need and want, Smart Tuition uses cookie technology to collect aggregate website visitation statistics. However, our cookie only tracks your activities in connection with your on-line activities on the Site or Smart Solutions and not your other on-line activities. If, however, you decide to decline a cookie, you may not be able to use certain of our intelligent solutions or website functions.

If, for example, you decide that your web browsers will not allow Smart Tuition to receive a cookie, you will need to re-enter your personally identifiable information each and every times you try to gain entry to premier information. Web page tags enable third parties to obtain information such as the IP of the computer that downloads the page on which the tag is displayed, the URL of the page on which the tag is displayed, the date and hour at which the page with the tag was accessed, the web browsing mode that is used to display the page, and the information contained in cookie files placed by the third parties.

On our website, you may enter competitions, prize draws and other promotional activities that we periodically advertise. We may use the information you submit in order to manage the competitions, games and other promotional activities in conjunction with competitions, games and other promotional activities that we conduct from period to period through the Site.

You may also use the information to contact you or other persons you have selected to interact with about our goods and service, or our affiliates may use this information to interact with you about the competitions, games or other promotional activities or their goods and service. The information you supply about other individuals will not be used for any purposes other than the ones you specify without their prior permission.

Transfers of InformationSmart Tuition and its mother company are based in the United States of America. In the United States, any personally identifiable information you choose to share with us may be held and managed in a secured transaction environment. When you reside in a different jurisdiction than the United States and submit your information to us, you are consenting to the transmission of your information to the United States.

Smart Tuition may revise this Privacy Statement at any times and from time-to-time, and we will posting any changes to this page. If you have any queries about this statement or would like to know more about how we safeguard your personal information, please contact us at Smart, LLC, 10 Woodbridge Center Drive, Suite 200, Woodbridge, NJ 07095, USA or at

Legislation relating to personal data varies from state to state. Personal data gathered in the European Union, for example, is governed by legislation adopted under the Data Protection Directive of the European Union. Smart Tuition and its subsidiaries are EU-U certificated. and the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks with respect to the gathering, retention, transfer, use and other handling of personal data transmitted from the European Union and Switzerland to the United States.

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