Boston to new York Helicopter Time

Helicopter Time to New York

One of the most popular private jet routes in the United States is the private jet route between New York and Boston. Phillip Greenspuns Weblog " From Boston to New York by helicopter? One Vancouveran pointed out that you can travel from Downtown Vancouver to downtown Seattle at for $120 per flight (full price, unlimited) and that this has been a feature for many years.

The Boston/NY is a little further away, but should be feasible for $200 (the full price of the delta shuttle is $226 per leg).

On a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter it carries 12 passenger and cost $3000 perhour to charter, maybe half of it all the time. New S-92 accommodates 19 travelers and the booklet asserts that you can drive it for $2200 per class time. The journey from Boston to New York takes about 1.25hrs.

Suppose we get 15 seats on the mean ride in an S-92, there would be a big win if we could get the same fare as the Delta Shuttle people. Boston's Museum of Science has a helipad and there are several Manhattan facilities, among them the Port Authority helipad.

Guiliani had closed helicopter landing pads because he said the ear-splitting sound and contamination from the combustion of 100 gal of kerosene per minute had somehow affected the lives of people. Luckily, the new Lord Major, Michael Bloomberg, has his own private helicopter and will probably be more friendly to the transport needs of the élite.

Chinatown-Chinatown -10 bucks, AMTRAK's four-hour express (TM) or our new helicopter?

Boston Helicopter Charter - New York | NYC

Boston was established in 1630 and is one of the oldest towns in the United States and the biggest in New England. Guests can take the Freedom Trail of the American Revolution for a guide or explore historical monuments and places throughout the entire state. Boston's commercial quarter is flourishing with a diversified commercial area.

At sunset, Boston is no unknown to late-night life, with ancient waterholes, chic nightclubs, five-star restaurants and accommodation. All the glamour and glamour of New York is in Boston, while at the same time providing a small-town feeling and an accessible vacation. Boston Helicopter Charter Available for or from: We DO NOT provide single seat for purchase on charter flights.

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