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Hubschrauber charter flights

Their versatility allows them to be used for business purposes or for transfers from airports to ski resorts, events or sports stadiums, which is why they are often referred to as "helicopter taxis". Hubschrauber are ideal for short flights or flights to destinations without an airport. Most of our customers also charter helicopters for transfers from airports to ski resorts, hotels, events or sports stadiums. Flying directly to an exact destination is an invaluable convenience, and the ACS helicopter hire service allows you to do it comfortably and stylishly. No matter if you travel to a meeting or a sports event, a helicopter charter can take you there quickly and easily.

Helicopter charter flights | luxury travel | Auckland

Chopper charter offers the point-to-point trip agility that takes you and your group directly to where you need luxurious accommodations and more. Thanks to the helicopter's diversity, you can touch down in both secluded areas and bustling inner cities and gain privileged entry to helicopter fish, heli-ski, privately owned Iceland dinning and even an activity mountain!

Speak to one of our committed charter manager, we will take good deal of trouble for you. You plan a helicopter charter? Helicopter charter and charter is perfect for a range of commercial and personal use. No matter whether you need a taxi service from an aerodrome to a downtown area, a job in a quiet location or a luxurious cabin, or an unforgettable experience such as heli-fishing, landing on a frozen ice or a privat fly-and-dine party with your partner.

The helicopter charter option is suited for individuals as well as large groups and can be part of a multiple destinations route that requires both rigid and helicopter flights. Operating throughout New Zealand and with the only down-town helicopter port in Auckland, we are the first choise for helicopter charter in and from Auckland's bustling inner town.

The INFLITE Charter Manager will tailor your charter to your needs, be it a sightseeing tour, a group meeting, a press or corporate travel, or a major appearance at your next meeting. The Charter Manager will take charge of the scheduling and co-ordination so that you don't need it. You can also make referrals to take your charter to the next levels of luxurious and comfortable and make sure that your charter adventure is all you expect and more.

The Charter Manager is practically your "blanket" during the trip. Working to make sure your charter services and your travelling experiences are designed and carried out without incidents, we will respond to your needs no matter how straightforward or inconvenient.

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