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In-depth information, specifications, interior, fuel costs, features and pictures of the Boeing 787 VIP aircraft. There is a stylish round VIP toilet directly behind the lounge. EBACE focuses attention on the VIP Boeing 787-8 The first BBJ 787-8 equipped with VVIP is unique among the planes in the Static Display at EBACE 2016. The proud and delighted BBJ 787-8 is the VVIP equipped BBJ of the Kestrel Aviation Management team, the Greenpoint Technologies finishing specialists and the Pierrejean Design Studio in Paris. The Kestrel Aviation business was responsible for the acquisition, modification and closing of the 787 and its divestment to an Asia operator.

Weekly engineers and designers met to discuss technology from IFE integrations and electric stress analyses to side wall mounting and windows integrations. This early commitment was crucial to understanding the various discrepancies that occurred in a BBJ 787 interiors and enabled the Kirkland, Washington-based firm to adhere to the Kestrel Aviation deadline for completing the project.

"Right from the start, we tackled the 787 with an inventive mindset," said Annika Svore Wicklund, Greenpoint's head of engineering. The Greenpoint's experiences to date with old metallic airplanes for the BBJ 787 with its Carbon Fibre hull were of minor use. Boeing needed a completely new dataset to make it easier to construct and install a VIP Cab.

787 is an all-electric plane. Explore the complexity of the electro designs and the uniqueness of the programming architectures and present the projects with "a sharp learn curve". "Approximately 26 leagues of new cabling with more than 17,000 terminal units to be connected to the electronic system without overload s or disruptions are located in the airplane cab alone.

On your leftside is the Student Room containing the bedrooms and bathroom/WC, described by Kestrel Aviation as "a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation". One of the cabin's highlight features a round toilet that divides the saloon from the quarterdeck, where there are 18 shallow first-class and six economically priced seating units.

The entire aircraft cab is equipped with special trays for cab controls ranging from seating and entertaining to inquiries from air stewards. Separate bedrooms are available for the front and rear staterooms, with separate stowage spaces for each member, as well as areas for front and rear staterooms. The Kestrel and Pierrejean concentrated on the five traditional recognised personal conceptions as orientation in interior decoration.

Aim was to minimise the physiological strain a person would suffer in an airplane that could perform 17-hour, uninterrupted point-to-point flight anywhere on the planet. In terms of tactile perception, the group wanted a surface that would feel organically, with finishes that would invite both emotion and physics. Kestrel Aviation noted that noises and vibrations are very paralyzing to the body, so she raised the bar with comprehensive sound insulation.

At Kestrel Aviation, Pierrejean designed the cabins starting with preliminary drafts and layout through 2-D and 3-D drawing and rendering. These materials were then handed over to Greenpoint for detail technical planning, installations and certifications. After a 30-month period of 18 month in the hanger, the plane will be officially delivered to Kestrel Aviation at the end of June.

Publisher's Note: This history has been changed from the originals to make clear that Kestrel Aviation Management was the chief and executive officer in the acquisition of the airplane and the design and completion of its cabin according to the needs of the Asia customer who will be operating the airplane.

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