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The fastest growing company in the business jet seating industry, PAC Seating Systems is the recognized leader in custom and VIP seating. Offering innovative seating solutions for civil, business jet and rotorcraft aircraft, our seating solutions offer your passengers a better flight experience. You will find an answer to these and many other questions about private jet charter.

Next-generation Bombardier Business Jet aircraft seating

Travelling with a business plane can also mean a leap up from first class, but the seats still leaves something to be desired. What is more, you can also travel with a business plane. Bombardier Business Aircraft's new Nuage seating, which claims to be the first big corporate jet seating modification in 30 years, makes its d├ębut with the company's Global 7000 Family.

Available in a choice of leather and other fabrics, the new hand-crafted seating has a number of new functions for added comforts. And even in the luxurious cab of a personal jet, an enhanced seating position can be a plus in terms of advertising, so it's not a surprise that airplane makers continue to optimize design.

Bombardier does not concentrate only on the padding or the legroom for the Nuage. There are five new patent-pending features on the new chair, one of which is a deeper cleare feature that uses a tilting joint system that immerses the chair when the back is reclined. Normally, only the back is moving in an airplane seating position, so the back is fully supporting the back and preventing compression on the thighs.

Bombardier says that the nova is engineered for an optimum head restraint in any posture, so occupants can enjoy reading or watching TV while lying down. "When developing the Bombardier seating system, we studied all possible needs and levels of cabin occupant convenience, and from there we started our process," said Peter Likoray, Senior Vice President, Sales and marketing, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

Below you can see a short introduction to the Nuage-Sitting.

Seat arrangement | Business Jet Traveler

If you get on a personal jet, where would you be sitting? It may seem a stupid idea until one day you get in the way. More to do with making a careful selection on the basis of label - socially or entrepreneurial. If you are new to Business Jet travel, here is a guide.

According to the normal procedures, the group of passengers is picked up at the airport's own airport terminals or in the airport lounges in the company air traffic department's hanger. Once all nose charges have been settled, the entire team accompanies you to the aircraft and you register one after the other. They will not carry a boardkicket with the inscription Sea 12B.

The majority of company and jet aircraft cabins have single or multiple seats. Between three and 19 seats are possible in this setup. Are you supposed to take one of the four places around a desk? Don't suppose that humans will be able to walk from chair to chair like you can in an airline.

The majority of business aircraft are much smaller, and in some you won't be more agile than in a Stretchlimousine. But on some trips, turmoil can cause you to wear safety belts most of the way. Those acquainted with business airplanes laugh at Hollywood films in which the cast members are shown on a platform aboard one of these small planes from the main cast, and then the movie edits to the "inside" (obviously filmed on a sound stage) and reveals a Boeing format lay-out in which folks walk around as if they were in an administrative area.

Buckled into the Alpha seat in the midst of the turbo-prop company, as if warming up for a whole workday.

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