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charter communications is an employer with equal employment opportunities - minority/women/veterans/disability. Find interesting jobs for Charter Communications Dispatcher. Questions posées lors des entrevues à Charter Communications for Dispatcher

I applied on-line. Die Procédure a duré plus de 4 semaines. Interviewee réalisée en février 2008 chez Charter Communications (Bay City, MI (États-Unis d'Amérique)). It was a very simple one. Took about two week to get an estimate after the interviews. It was a quite extensive exercise to do.

I applied in person. The process took more than 2 weeks. Mm-hmm. Interview réalisée chez Charter Communications (Reno, NV (États-Unis d'Amérique)). Negotiations did not take place during which they offered you good payment, advantages and 2 week holiday from the first one. I applied in person. The process took more than 4 weeks. Mm-hmm.

Interviewee réalisée en janvier 2010 chez Charter Communications (Duluth, GA (États-Unis d'Amérique)). It was a very easy procedure. At first there was a telephone conversation consisting of one lesson. 2 week later I recalled for a personal one. Another 3 week later I was recalled and offered a job.

I was asked by the interviewer who was my superior and she was very relaxed and made the interviewer experience pleasant.

Miscellaneous appraisals of employees

On the C/S and Tech side, the organization hands over its staff every 90 workdays. There were 35 students in the practice course I was in and only half of them remained to finish their work. Do them so micro-manage the duty that the electronic equipment top do that they person literally 2 group playing period sight everyone ONE organism who actually placental the job that condition to be finished.

Continue by adding that they have two to three monthly exercise courses that show you the number of times they turn around each other. It is a place where individuals loathe their experience and use this business as a role models for what it does NOT mean to look for a career. Learn more about Charter Communications.

Work as a dispatcher at Spectrum: 151 Review

It was a better organised business than Cable was. Too many changes take place in a hurry without regard to family members and other commitments. When I was at Spectrum, I was lucky. Does this review help you find out more about working at Spectrum?

This is the right choice for you if you want to experience a fast-paced, multi-tasking world. Pleasant working atmosphere and not dull. Bad pay per hour for the effort. quick and constant... sometimes very stressing... very little to no practice about new coming items or service being provided... and very little to no overall staffing... very preoccupied from the moment you went in to the moment you went out.

Talk to engineers and clients and make sure everyone is on the same wavelength. I worked as a dispatcher. I' ve learnt several programmes and how to interact with busy people. The Spectrum is a beautiful place to work. The reduced price package for cables was an outstanding plus.

Quick surroundings. Learn how to get the cord to all your clients and what servicing is needed to keep the servicing running. Supervision skills are fine, but if you don't want to be hanging out and gossiping with them, you're last on the lists for good jobs, vacation on the telephone, etc. During my work at Spectrum, I encountered many great, hardworking individuals who have given me many invaluable insights throughout my professional life.

We' ve taken care of our work, our clients and each other! Though work can be done quickly and the burden heavier the payment and benefit are generally adequate, w/ 401k at a 6% like and full of medicinal, visionary, dental, long run and short-term inability. Within the scope of the on-site assignment you have more room for manoeuvre and usually talk to engineers all the time and not to clients.

before it became Spectrum. As it became Spectrum, it was severed. Prior to it becoming Spectrum, we did things for the fellowship and received months bonuses that they took away when they were taken over. He' been working here for years and Charter got us.

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