Private Jet Legs

Portable Jet Legs

is the best way to experience the convenience of private jet travel. An empty section is a part of a journey that takes place when a private jet is repositioned, i.e. when it is flying empty to take off its next reserved journey or to fly back to its home aerodrome. As this option is only available if a client is booking a private one-way chartership, empty routes are only available at shorter intervals.

However, this restricted duration will reduce the likelihood of locating another client who is willing to accept the normal charters as it is very challenging to meet all their needs (e.g. plane model, particular itinerary, date and hour of departure). This is why empty runs are available with up to 75% off the normal price.

Firstly, empty-haul services are normally available at a certain reduced fare according to private operators' own defined award conditions. In most cases enterprises are ready to enter into negotiations and offer 35% to 75% on the normal chartershare. There are sometimes abnormally low fares which are similar to those of regular carriers on certain itineraries.

Secondly, an empty foot or an empty section is only a one-way one. This means that the client has to make different travelling arrangements when returning. As a rule, many of our clients choose to fly back with a non-stop aircraft in combination with a regular business one. In practice, the initial client will own the reserved charters and may postpone the departures or make delayed changes to the route, which will force the client to adjust his schedules empty-handed.

Occasionally, the client has a certain option with an empty foot, especially if the transfer occurs on the previous date. Such cases he can choose the starting point. In summary, empty routes are not advisable if you need firm departures or guarantee services.

When you can customize your itineraries to fit an empty legs flying experience, please get in touch with us; Southern America Jet has acces to the best empty legs offerings in Latin America and the Caribbean. In this way you can benefit from the convenience of private jet flying and make savings.

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