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All other business customers please read Spectrum Business New Terms of Service / Policies. Resources Support - Account & Billing. For technical support and billing assistance, call this business phone number. When your company has field sales or service teams, applications that track and support them can increase efficiency and improve communication.

Complimentary apps for your business

Markets have skyrocketed with advanced, easy-to-use applications that can make the management of your business easier. A lot of applications have a free release and some have a more rugged application with a fee. Discover the following five different kinds of applications to find a tool that can help you in your business.

While many organizations use e-mail to collaborate on shared documentation, sending e-mail messages to your organization can be hard to find in your mailbox, and collaborating can cause problems with source checking. Applications span from applications that only help with data release to desktop applications that improve the way people collaborate. When several people need to work on the paper, Google Docs or Huddle can generate more than one folder and keep tabs on who says what.

When your organization has external revenue or services support groups, applications that support and monitor them can improve efficiencies and improve communications. Latest applications offer basic features such as routeing and schedule managing as well as payments handling, pricing utilities, forms creation and billing support. In order to help you keep your schedule in order and stay in contact, some applications incorporate GPS tracing, which allows your staff in the offices to determine the locations of your representatives.

Among the applications in this group are Locqus, ServiceM8, ServicePal and many more, according to your priority. The majority of applications have free releases, but there are more functions available when you are paying a subscription to them. Keeping track of stock is one of the most time-consuming challenges facing many entrepreneurs. The available applications categorise your stock according to kind, products and quantities and give you a complete overview of the mobile parts of your business.

Complimentary applications such as the Inventory List and the Inventory Scanner 2015 allow you to quickly and easily create, organize and organize articles, as well as create and manage file exports, and offer easy, neat design so you can quickly see the quantity of your wares. Others include stock on order, offering similar functionality, but also allow you to make payments for extra services such as orders and finance reporting.

First class cost tracing is indispensable for good monetary control in your company. As you travel, applications can help you capture spend in near real time, so you never loose sight of vouchers or keep records of imprecise information. With other free applications like Concur or Smart Recpts, you can capture different kinds of spending by categories while on the go or in the field.

Your main difference lies in your layouts and set-up, so you can try a few free applications and select your favourite one. Business owners know they have to select powerful password choices and often modify them to keep organizations safe from a compromise, but following these best practices across the entire organization is a major hurdle.

1Password and Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault provide you with a safe place to keep your password and logon information, as well as the ability to save your sensitive data and credentials. Several of these applications autogenerate new password and add an additional level of security to your organisation.

For many small companies, the increase in free applications has been a critical factor. They can help you manage your day-to-day business so you can concentrate on your business.

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