Private Air Fleet

A private air fleet

PrivatAir also operates several business jets from Dassault, Bombardier and Gulfstream. The calculation includes only supported aircraft types that are active for this airline. Check out our light, medium, super medium and large cabinet fleets. Talon Air is the ultimate choice for private jet travel for those who demand the best. The private jet fleet includes a vertically integrated group of helicopters, turboprop and light, medium, super-medium, heavy and ultra-long private jets.

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Cutters Flight Management Private Air Charter Aircraft Fleet

Our aircrafts are serviced at the highest level by our authorised engineers and operated and manned by our skilled, knowledgeable and skilled staff and drivers. 9 (9) - Speed: 440 knots - Range: 2,800 Statute Mi. 8 (8) - Speed: 453 km/h - Range: 2,750 Statute Mi. 5 (5) - Speed: 420 knots - Range:

1,400 Articles of Association Mi. 5 (5) - Speed: 420 knots - Range: 1,400 Articles of Association Mi. 8 (8) - Speed: 420 knots - Range: 1,500 Articles of Association Mi.

Air Fleet Talon

Talon Air is the ultimative private plane tour destination for those who want the best. With our varied fleet, we offer our discerning customers a wide variety of aircrafts tailored to their specific needs. Our value as the biggest provider of private plane charters in the Northeast will increase as a result. The private fleet includes a vertical integration of a group of private planes: turboprop and turboprop, as well as medium, medium, medium, large and ultra-long private planes.

The needs of Talon customers varies and our fleet and our fleet of concierges are prepared to meet them. We are equiped to make available a private plane suited for any route that can be completed at short term. Talon's Miscellaneous Fleet: Weighballs: Light jets: This is the first choise for business and private fleet planes.

Severe aircraft offer our customers sufficient stateroom capacity and appealing contemporary conveniences with ultra-long ranges. Dependent on the airplane and the covered mileage, this type of plane holds up to 19 persons and can continue its journey as smaller one. Superb medium jets: This is an excellent option in our private fleet for cross-border or intercontinental services.

Known as Supermiddle Center planes, these planes are well stocked and have spacious staterooms. Certain aeroplanes and distances covered affect the number of passenger movements. As a rule, this cabin can easily carry up to 10 persons. Mid-sized jets: This plane, also known as intermediate sized planes, is the most diverse in Talon's private fleet.

Seat capacities for a typically mid-size plane can seat up to 9 people ( please note that max. distances require fewer passengers) with more spacious, stateroomed staterooms and luxury comforts. Leichtjets: Ideally suited for medium to long term journeys, this kind of airplane will continue to fly farther and quicker than non-jet planes such as turboprops and offers a gentler journey and quiet running than most other planes in our private fleet.

There is space for an estimated 5-8 people. Turboprops: Perfect for 2-4 hour long to medium distance flying and 4-9 passenger flight times according to type of airplane, Turboprops also have effective double prop and lightweight loading docks. Choppers allow you to take off and land vertically in order to reach the remotest areas or areas where conventional planes cannot do so.

Talon choppers are therefore the most agile and diverse planes for short-haul missions and the most agile in our private fleet. The Sikorsky 76 from Talon seats 4-6 people and is perfect for business travellers who want to get comfortable and stylishly fast. No matter which plane you select from our private fleet, the Talon Air flight expertise is unprecedented in terms of security, comfortable and comfortable.

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