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Purchase of private jet on eBay Due to delays in selling planes in the currently troubled markets, some airplane agents are using eBay to guarantee quick selling to a global public. Cessna Citation 500 private jet for purchase on eBay. The majority of airplane agents will use as many possibilities as possible when selling an airplane. You will distribute the airplane among industrial partners, use your own website, email, promote on sites (including these) and use community service (not to speak of the broker's own website).

Proprietor and chairman of Jet Auctioneer, Mark Rollag, has a few more moves. In addition to Jet Auctioner's own online bidding system, he uses eBay to sell airplanes on customer orders. Whilst airplanes can be a high fare in comparison to most eBay products, Rollag believes that the online airplane auctions site works.

Jet Auctioneer recorded around 35 airplanes on eBay in 2013 - with a 100 percent pass mark. The Rollag company maintains that all articles were purchased without a minimum purchase charge. And he also thinks that eBay is the fastest way to buy a plane. JETNET's latest figures show that it can take around 400 trading day to buy a private jet and 335 trading day to buy a turbo prop.

As Rollag says, it doesn't make sense to wait for the recovery of the markets as the value will of course decrease over the years. What's a plane worth? Rollag, on the other hand, considers that bidding on an eBay sale - which can include around 200 bids - is a reasonable reflection of what the plane is currently valued at.

Cox, VP of Jet Brokers, Inc. is not so sure, but he does admit that he must use eBay in a private capacity to buy and sell a Taylorcraft turboped. Similarly, Rex McGreevy, an airline agent with Charlie Bravo Aviation in Austin, Texas, recommends that both agents and purchasers exercise the utmost care when using eBay for airline transaction.

"I' ve been hearing a bad evaluation of a eBay deal and the end product was not good in many ways," he says. As far as a 405-foot "Giga yacht" sold at auction in 2005 for $140 million (allegedly purchased by Chelsea Football Club proprietor Roman Abramovich), eBay alleges that the most valuable asset ever sold on the site was a $4.9 million Gulfstream II private jet.

eBay reports that in 2001 the plane was divested by Tyler Jet of Texas to an Africa charters carrier (although there were no GFIs in Africa in 2001). Though eBay has now stripped away its special aeronautical class that contained lists for planes that once owned John F. Kennedy and John Travolta, at the point of the letter there were 145 planes on eBay (in a subsection of the eBay motor category) and 26 multi-engine planes, among them a 1979 built Citation II with a takeoff price of $485,000 and a 1976 Hawker 125-600A with a takeoff price of $795,000.

The eBay portable application is even a favorite among airplane vendors, with a portable tenderer spending $265,000 for a Piper PA-46-310P Malibu Turboprop built in 1985 in 2010. One of the major drawbacks of using eBay to sell an airplane at an auction is that eBay has to check the individuals who bid for over $150,000. Running for about 20 min., the last-minute bidding battle is a frequent characteristic of eBay auctioning.

In addition to a company per month corporate subscriptions charge, the auctions page will charge approximately $125 for each winning list of airplanes. Undoubtedly, the key advantage of eBay is that it enables brokerage firms to reach a global public with over 110 million live customers in 37 global marketplaces.

Surprisingly, although Rollag is the biggest US air transport operator, it says that the overwhelming bulk of those offering on board planes come from abroad, in Brazil, China, South Korea and the Caribbean. Rollag explains that the reasons why so few stockbrokers have gone to eBay have nothing to do with confidence, but rather because they are just not technically well-versed.

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