How to get a Taxi Licence uk

Where can I get a taxi license?

Application for a taxi license You must also obtain a taxi licence if you wish to use your own car. The licenses have a term of 2 years. Receive a renew email before your license expires. Independent testing is available for Hackney carrier and personal rental licenses.

Once you have submitted your job offer and the necessary documents, we hope to be able to process your request within 5 workingdays. When we issue your driving licence, we will mail it to you together with a driver's identity card.

Driving licenses for taxi and private rentals

Drivers need a driver's license from us to be able to take a taxi or a rental car. Where can I get a taxi or rental license? In order to be able to drive a taxi or a rental car, you must be able to read and write English. Prior to submitting your driver's license request, you must fill out all the items below and provide the appropriate documentation: Do a Drivers Rating with the Blue Lamp Trust.

Booking a test can be done either on-line or by phone at 03337 000157 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Make sure you have good knowledge: have a Group 2 health check-up to make sure you are ready to take a taxi or rent a car. If you have been living or working outside the UK in the five years prior to your job interview, you will need to make a doctor's fees, which may differ according to the doctor you are using. Obtain a declaration of good manners if you have been living or working outside the UK in the five years prior to your job interview.

These can be applied for on-line - further information and directions can be found here. Do you have a condemnation, precaution, reprimand issue or alert that you think may influence your job interview? Please see our condemnation guidelines. If you have an appropriate DBS certification enrolled in the DBS Updateservice, you must produce the genuine certification and fill in the declaration of agreement so that we can verify the on-line data sets. You must be able to demonstrate that you have the right to work in the UK.

Fill in the request first: we will contact you as soon as possible: Then you will need to go to our Customer Service Center at Pathfinder House, Huntingdon, to file your request and have your ID papers for your DBS on-line request checked. Do not forget to include your job registration number. You will find further information on applying for the issue and renewal of a driver's license and further information on taxi and individual driver qualifications in the New Driver's License applications package.

Is the silent agreement valid? We do not. For security purposes, we must handle your request before it can be approved.

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