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Will Smith do the right thing by taking a cab from Westphiladelphia to Bel-Air? What made the Fresh Prince of Bel Air end? Probably Quincy Jones isn't the guy in the cab. Texts for Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air by Will Smith: The cab driver in the credits is Quincy Jones.

Would you like to get to know the Prince of West Philadelphia's fresh cabin price to Bel-Air?

And not only that, the taxi driver also gives him a thumb up when he moves away from Bel-Air. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air has remained a iconic Sitcom to this date and is still loved by many different populations. Fresh Prince one and Hollywood star one.

Anyway, what someone did this past weekend is proof that A. how much and how much free play they had on their own and B. that there are still tens of thousands of people dedicated to the show. So if you were actually charging the cab fare from West Pillly to Bel-Air, how much would it be?

Well, someone with a little bit of spare hand and probably a bit of old-fashioned 90s TV has been grinding up some numbers this weekend and figuring out exactly how much a taxi would take to cover such a long stretch. You know, just in case one of us is able to cross the land to avoid criminality and poorness, thanks to the wealthy family.

Costs would be somewhere around $7,000mackeroos! Obviously that's not a poor return, considering your "aunt and uncle" probably have a million fucking bucks.

Twenty things you may not know about The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Wille Smith only consented to play in the show because he was in serious indebtedness to the IRS. Smith achieved wide acclaim as The Fresh Prince rappers, and with this glory came a significant increase in incomes. Unfortunately, Smith did not handle his monetary assets cleverly or paid enough in revenue tax, and he owe the goverment a hefty $2. 8 million.

Fresh Prince almost went bankrupt - until Quincy Jones selected him as the celebrity of a new show, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was out. Smith was compelled by the IRS to give them 70 per cent of his wages over the first three heats. Smiths only had another TV show under his belts - as a t-shirt seller in a post-school ABC adventure - when he took on a part in The Fresh Prince, and is disconcerted by his first appearances on the show.

" Smith's friend Jackie was playing on the big TV in a fourth seasons game. "Bruce Springsteen and Courteney Cox had a tape entitled "Dancing in the Dark," and Bruce Springsteen draws her on stages and she dances that dance," said performer Alfonso Ribeiro. However, according to Rashida Jones (Quincy's daughter) and Jada Pinkett Smith, the taxi driver in the Q is " definitely not " in the credit. Also, Jones never learnt to ride thanks to a car crash at the tender of 14 where he was a carseller.

While auditioning for the show, Smith ran into his missus, Jada Pinkett Smith. Initially she was auditioning for the part of Will's friend on the sceen. And Smith provided story for several series. Want Smith was more than just the hit of the comedy. HeĀ also assisted with storytelling and production of some of the events, among them "Ain't No Business Like Show Business" in the third series.

Aunt Vivian was acted by two different actresses. Daphne Maxwell Reid and Janet Hubert took the lead in the last three season. By refusing, the manufacturers were refusing to bargain and redefine the part. "Early this year, Karyn Parsons, who was playing Hilary Banks, was telling ABC News about a memo book kept in the set's cooking tray that she took with her after the show went off the airwaves.

" When NBC Fresh Prince cancelled its forth relay race, the final had Smith's personality on its way back to Philadelphia. However, after the fans' cry, NBC chose to return the show; its fifth series begins with an NBC manager who pulls Smith into a truck to take him back to California and says, "It's The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, not The Fresh Prince of Philadelphia.

Topic track got me suspended. The title track The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air led to the closure of a single secondary modern building in 2013. An Ambridge Area High school receptionist in Pennsylvania phoned a pupil to tell him about an imminent date. He was imitating the title track of the show for his reply messages, and the hostess thought he said, "Shoot outside students" instead of "Shoot a B-ball outside the school".

Would you like to receive a CD of The Fresh Prince music? It may be that you have to fly to the Netherlands by airplane to get it; it was initially only published in Holland, where an expanded remix release of the cover track #3 appeared on the 1992 single charts. Made TV produce the Bel-Air Fresh Prawn animation.

An animal adoption fellowship made The Fresh Pup by Bel-Air. Guantanamo Bay detainees loved The Fresh Prince. By August 2012, the satcom had adopted the Harry Potter line as its favorite jail entertaining game.

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