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Private jet Phenom

Phoenix 300 private jet cards Phenom 300 and its streamlined aerodynamics redefine the lightweight jet market. It' probably the most inventive private jet on the market. The Phenom 300 provides superior power and can take off from demanding high altitude aerodromes and warmth. A smartly styled cab provides ergonomically styled seats and comprehensive in-flight conversation and connectivity, taking convenience to a new high.

Phenom 300 goes beyond its own height. The Phenom 300 is the ultimative private jet with the appearance of a platform top and the cab of a medium-sized jet. Cab height 4 feet 11 in. Car width 5 feet 1 in. Length of cab 17 feet 2 in. Estimated air travel distance, cruising speeds and power depend on load capacity, winds and meteorological factors and ATC (Air Traffic Control).

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Embraers Phenom 300 was introduced as the sequel to the highly acclaimed "Very Light Jet" (VLJ) Phenom 100. However, the Phenom 300's large cabins, long haul speeds and competitively priced cruising performance make it a strong competitor to the Citation XL midrange jet for charters. Phenom 300's flying distance allows non-stop travel from Geneva to the Azores or from New York to Martinique.

BMW-engineered interior features a flatbed optional feature that is unmatched in the small beam family. Phenom 300's 1800 nm flying distance provides direct connections from Geneva to Tel Aviv, New York to Cancun or Cairo to Moscow. Its long flying distance in combination with the demands of a small jet airstrip makes the Phenom 300 one of the most versatile charters in its category.

Phenom 300 brings together Embraer's strong heritage and Embraer dedication to designing airplanes specifically for private use (rather than conforming to corporate design). That means the Phenom 300 is a dependable and convenient private jet. "There' s simply no way to compare the Phenom 300 to the Phenom 100, in my view Embraer should have made a new name for the Phenom 300!"

Chairs can be placed in a flatbed configuration and the airplane also features a seperate toilet. Phenom 300's "Oval LiteTM" cab interior provides greater cab interior heights and widths for an airplane of this magnitude. If you would like to rent the Phenom 300 for your private flights, call +44 1747 642777.

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