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The Spirit's airfare may be cheap, but the fees add up quickly. Spirits Airlines: Inexpensive airfare at what price? One load for one carrier bag

Wellcome aboard Spirit Airlines, the no-frills, fee-heavy carrier that has just begun to burden travellers with up to $45 per leg to put a hand luggage pocket in their luggage basket. "As Baldanza said, it lets the consumer choose what is important to them, not the carrier that accepts what is important to them. "Spirit believes in making basic tariffs as competitive as possible and then invoicing almost every possible surcharge to the passenger.

So thirsty? So Baldanza said his carrier was just giving the customer a choice. "The majority of the fears about Spirit come from those who have never flew to us," he said, "or who don't want to flee us, but just want to make sure that the carrier they like to flee does not become us.

" To get a better understanding of Spirit, I purchased a fare between New York and Myrtle Beach, S.C. and got ready for the worse. The Spirit has less leg room than any other. Passenger packaging allows the carrier to offer more seats per aircraft than any competitor with substantially the same overhead.

He does not apologise for the fitting and compares his Airbus A320 with JetBlue. A few folks buy the Civic. Spirit: 28-inch. The JetBlue has 150 seating places on its jetliners; Spirit has 178. Concerning the charges, it considered that these should be covered by the fare.

" Please note: The carrier only offers you free pretzel pouches with dried, salted bretzels. "This is as low priced as possible," she said. 83, $33 included. 48 for the tickets, $37. 40 in tax and duties and $39. 95 for the clubs. A 27-year-old New York schoolteacher, Teri Russiello, constantly operates the air carrier.

Russiello, a University of Michigan Aluminium, is taking Spirit with them in the autumn to participate in every home soccer match. "It'?s like the cheapest air carrier in the world," she said. She' s not having any trouble with the surcharges. "Russiello is exactly the kind of flyer Spirit wants. Mr Baldanza said that his airline's low tariffs make travelling accessible to first-time passengers and other recreational travellers more frequent.

This lower tariff means that more travellers or the same persons travelling more often, and we are carrying this increase with us. "The ghost is still relatively small. There were 6. 1 million passenger carrying it last year, according to the Department of Transportation. and 701. Five million men and women have flown all US carriers together.

Soaldanza said that more than 500,000 of his clients have spent less than $10 per trip on their pre-tax and pre-fare ticket. Favourable tariffs and high charges seem to work together. Geist has been the last six fourths of the year profitably, making $24. 1 million from January to March, according to the DOT.

"Spirits Airlines is the carrier that everyone likes to beat, but it has the lowest fare on the itineraries that they travel when you go to their own website," said George Hobica, chairman. Spirits don't always have the lowest rates, Hobica said. This - not the number of additional charges - is what is important for flyers.

Hobica said, "We see this all the while. "Carriers increase tariffs and stop passengers from going. "It is controversial whether the consumer understands all the charges to which they are liable before making a reservation. Congressional recently held hearings on requests to make the charges more transparently and submit them to the 7. 5 per cent levy on airfare.

We insist that Baldanza's clients get it. It said the charges will quickly undermine the allegations of Spirit that it has the lowest tariffs. "Aside from the few people who are willing to grab the bag extraordinarily easily, the real thing is that the mind's tariffs are often not so great when you put everything together," said Mr. Banas. What is more, the price of the trip is often not so high.

Alcohol had the lowest applied ticket price, but the charges added up quickly. At the end, Spirit cost $435. Mr. Baldanza will defend the carry-on baggage charge and explains that it will help alleviate delay. "Why right now is why so much shock among folks about the carry-on bags is that they just don't understand," said Mr. Baldanza. What is the point of the film?

" So Baldanza asked me what my plane was like. It'?s 7:47 a. m. Municipal hour. because you know if it was the other way around."

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