Ubah Taxi Service

Underground Taxi Service

About Kenya is a taxi service that operates in Nairobi and Mombasa. About for Android - Download About is a lift that links passenger with rider. Present in over 40 different locations in more than 100 major towns around the globe, you can rent a chauffeur with just one click at an accessible cost. It is an option to conventional taxi; instead of calling a taxi on the road or making a telephone reservation, this application allows you to order a personal chauffeur at the touch of a small key.

At Uber you can select from five vehicle classes, which range from Economy (uberX) to Luxury (LUX), although these are not available in every town. You can receive an offer before you order a rider by filling in your start point and your finish point. Once the journey is over, you can evaluate with About the service and add a comments that other people can access.

Please be aware that riders can also make remarks about their client. In order to use the service, you must first sign up for the service. You must provide your name, e-mail and telephone number, your PayPal balance or your PayPal banking information and create a username and your PayPal name. The call of a kernel is very easy.

With the help of geolocalization Uber recognizes where you are in the world and provides a collection point. All you have to do is push the key to call a rider; the one nearest to you will be informed of your enquiry. Once the rider agrees, you will get an text message with acknowledgement. Geolocalisation also allows you to track the rider on the road ahead in near-life.

It' all done directly through the application, so you never have to call or fear that you'll have enough money to make payments, and the service is generally much better and more private than your normal taxi service. There is one thing that makes you angry about conventional taxi drivers: the service attracts many because it is simple to use, more private than taking a taxi, and has very reasonable prices.

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