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Dear buddies, the last days I bought a limousine to drive to the international airports is 11:45 pm, so I leave the plane at 7:00 pm, because it takes almost 15 hours to get from home to the international airports.

I rented a taxi from this taxi company last months from sec. 44 to Gothaziabad railway and I had given the taxi enough free to get there at 21:00 because I had the 11:00 trains, but to my amazement the taxi got there at 21:45, and when I asked for late, he looked at me very rude, said I would take supper, so I ignored.....

I' ve reserved a cab from cab india to drive to another place urgently. Well, I was too late because the cab came too late. Mmm. I asked the reasons why he was too tardy, he had no real reasons and didn't get to the point, the cab was in a very poor state.

In many taxis I travelled until I came across them, and I made most of my trips in taxis and one morning I came across a Cab India Travels taxi and it was a very miserable taxi service I ever drove when the taxi was not at the same taxi rider and the taxi was also not neat when I was....

The taxi drove at very high speeds and did not even pay much notice on the street. OK, where should I start with this horrible trip, (what should be a good end of a trip, has gone terribly crooked with this an Innova that began full 2 hours too late reason (driver wanted to chat with his mates while - right in front of the customers!)Abosulutely.....

Dear friendToday I share my travel experiences with Cab India Travels. I have traveled in many taxis and have done most of my taxi trips, but it was a miserable taxi service I have ever driven. The taxi had a very unpleasant odor.

Well, I had a one-way vehicle booked to get to my school. Plus the rider came in 10 mins later. Well, he didn't give me reasonable reasons why he was delayed? Drivers look at me strangely and say no.

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