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Owned by Prime Car Rental & Taxi Services, Prime Taxi is one of the smallest and newest providers in the competitive taxi market in Singapore. Obtain directions, reviews and information for Salem Prime Taxi in Salem, MA.

27 Congress St. Salem, MA Current Vehicles

I and my husbands are older people and sometimes need a taxi there. The Salem Taxi charge is a $6 lump sum for each location in Salem. Allow me to begin my evaluation by saying that I have been using Salem Taxi and making phone calls as a Salem inhabitant for over a year. Recently I phoned to order a taxi and was very clear where I was and where I was.....

This is a reservation in advanced for a trip to Logan International Airports. Mr., with whom I talked, described a very good client services, text when the chauffeur was 15 minutes away, text on arriving and a..... Somehow, a fellow traveller was already in the front row.

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