What is the Meaning of Linear Pair

The meaning of linear pairs?

Using linear in a sentence. The angles that lie within a pair of lines and on the opposite side of a transverse. Part of a line consisting of a defined start and end point and all intermediate points. The representation of the linear equation in two variables follows the same procedure as the representation of any linear equation. If two angles form a linear pair, then they are.

and m< A=2x+8 and m< 8=3x+2, what's the value of x? (480259)

Like with all angular issues one must be able to recognize the relation between the given angels and pst knows the definitions of different angular pair. There was a difficulty because the given angels are linear pair. Linear pair are by default neighboring linear angels that make a line and are complementary, i.e. the angels sum to 180-degree.

You now have an expression that you can use to resolve for x. Now that you know x, you can also find m

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