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You can use the custom portal to book your taxi online. Book your taxi online using the Blue and White ordering system. Taxi Online Booking is a real-time booking solution: After booking, you will receive information about the availability of the cabin as well as status updates.

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Therefore, with our computer system you can reserve a taxi 24 hour a days, up to 6 month in advanced. Once you make a taxi reservation, you can rest easy because you know that one of these points on your to-do lists has been processed; your taxi is on its way! Airports, coach stations and railway stations are shared goals for our "booked" taxi services.

There are also many clients who daily hire taxi to work. Our standard reaction times for clients who choose to call when they are willing to leave are between "immediately" and 15mins. Keep in mind that you should plan additional times in case of heavy traffic and bad wheather.

Taxi Amsterdam Prices

The best taxi services in Amsterdam: Truly good service!" Have a look at our page about tariffs and tariffs or get in touch with us. Our company organises international flights to all main Amsterdam and Amsterdam main aerodromes, as well as to and from Rotterdam and The Hague. Please visit the Amsterdam Transfer for further information.

? Excellent customer care. A Schiphol pilot will supervise your trip and get in touch with you after your land. Our Meet & Greet facility means you never have to queue at the airports again after you land. The following range of our products and solutions is available:


Taxi Online Bookings is a real-time bookings solution: After your taxi has been booked, you will get information about cabin availability and the latest up-dates. Taxi online bookings are designed for clients with permanent pick-up locations and work on all desktops and laptops. Users can save multiple pick-up locations and select their own location when they book a taxi.

Easy-to-use online taxi booking form. Once you have received your login details, you can login in to your account in order to reserve a taxi to your home location.

Book a taxi in St. Louis

Select from one of 3 simple ways to book your taxi. In order to plan your journey, you can call at any hour of the morning, any weekday or even order online! Book your taxi in advanced or from the curbside through the St. Louis Taxi Apartment! When you call for the second consecutive call from home or work, our automated scheduling system recognises your number.

As a rule, your taxi arrives within 10 mins before or after the desired hour. There is no way we can ensure an accurate pick-up schedule, as we cannot forecast travel, wheather or other circumstances that may influence the taxi's arrivals times. Each taxi company's level of available services varies with high and low times of need.

Due to our scale, we have an excellent track-record of providing timely customer services at any hour of the week. In order to make a preliminary inquiry, please call our Customer Care Center at one of the above numbers. All our cabs are fitted with computer terminal s which enable our customer support staff to immediately provide information directly to the driver.

Our fleet managers can use a system of fleet management trackers to monitor fleet performance by continuously checking reaction times. What's the delay until my cab arrives? The arrival times for your taxi depend on your pick-up place and the daytime. Our cabs are on avarage within 5 - 20 min in St. Louis city centre, airport area, Clayton and West County.

Others in St. Louis may take longer, but just ask us when you place your order and we can give you a quote. There is no warranty for an effective pick-up period as it may vary depending on transport, wheather and taxi requirements.

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