Selling an Airplane

Sale of an aircraft

When handing over the aircraft from your (the seller's) exclusive possession, and before the seller hands over the keys and the purchase contract: Delete any FCC radio station license with your name on it (if any). Get all the figures about power, speed, fuel consumption, etc., because your potential buyer will ask many questions. Well, now that the aircraft is ready for sale, you have to decide whether to sell it yourself or have it handled by a broker. Reason for selling my plane:

Do you mediate or are you selling it yourself?

Perhaps you are switching to another type, perhaps you need a heavier payload plane, perhaps your flight activity is going to change; whatever the cause, you have chosen to resell this little baby that has been your favourite all these years. For the first that you think about selling your airplane, the date is when you buy it.

Selling an airplane with the least effort means having everything in order, and that means that all logs, certifications, AD adherence, service logs, guarantees and anything else associated with the airplane are in order. You can make a copy of the recordings, one that you can keep on the plane and the other in a secure place at home.

The FAA can retrieve some recordings, but this requires considerable amount of patience and efforts that can be better used for the sales. Naturally, as a committed aerospace fanatic, you have kept the record in order all the while, so your big move now is to bring this loyal fowl into an immaculate state.

There is nothing to whet the appetite of a prospective purchaser, such as seeing his possible dreams engine look good. I want you to inspect the plane. Clean and shine the plane. Get all the figures about power, speed, mileage, etc. because your prospective customer will ask many different question. Do you mediate or are you selling it yourself?

Well, now that the aircraft is available for purchase, you need to choose whether to resell it yourself or have it handled by a real estate agent. Brokers will free you from many detail, but lower your net turnover; if you yourselves are selling it, you can achieve the full selling amount, but are full of detail and traps.

Further benefits of selling through a brokers are that you receive immediate money and the brokers know the markets and actual pricing. The sale of used aircraft draws some of the same personalities that inhabit the used vehicle population. Before you even make up your mind whether to buy from a stockbroker or do it yourself, you will probably want to know the running rates and how much money you will give up if a stockbroker is engaged.

In order to ensure that you get the best possible rate, spend some of your attention researching the latest trends in the industry. There are many different things that affect the cost of an airplane. Used aeroplane fares declined as producers produced a large number of new aeroplanes and competed for orders. Low output and new planes are inaccessible to many people, leading to excessive pricing for used equipment.

Even though the Federal Administration says the general airplane is 32 years old, used airplanes have gained in value. The majority are selling well above their initial acquisition cost. For a trader, wholesaling rates are usually more important than for an entrepreneur selling directly, but they are important for the vendor trying to find out how best to resell an airplane.

They will want to know the latest selling rates for similar cars and wholesalers. As a rule, the wholesaler is about 20 per cent below the selling point. This may be lower according to the dealer's inventory and the state of the aeroplane. Thats the amount of money you will give up for the advantages of not trying to find a purchaser yourself.

If you are planning to resell to a retailer, the above proposals for preparation of your equipment for resale will continue to be valid. Pricing varies by type and year of construction according to the state of the airplane, cabin and powerplant hour and AD adherence. Check our aerospace magazines and the Internet for airplanes for purchase and see what offers are being made.

A-Plane and General Aviation News are two publication with a wide variety of aircrafts, and the more offers, the more prospective customers. Where possible, review the editions of the same publication to see the value changes. As soon as you have fixed the margin of a similar plane, you determine the realistic fare you can reasonably be expected to pay.

Unless you have fixed a ludicrously low price', whoever contacted you will be offering a number below your initial quoted rate. Promote by verbal propaganda by telling all your pilots that the birds are for purchase. Promote with notices on the notice boards on which you drop the aircraft.

Promote your aircraft brand by informing the owner's club, i.e. Cessna pilots, Piper pilots, etc., of your brand. Now look at the promotional releases. It is better to expand your prospective customer base by sharing your history in one of the General Aviation related articles. As you prepare your ad, ask yourself how many words it will take to get a plane for sale.

You' re trading a sales deal of several thousand bucks, so put in a few more bucks to fully describe your products. Describe the airplane fully and, if possible, show a photograph of it in your advertisement. Assist the prospective purchaser to choose the conversation with you rather than with others who offer planes for purchase.

When your aircraft is not the way you presented it, the prospective purchaser will quickly spot it. Keep the folder of your plane handy and show it in front, but don't let the prospective purchaser look through it for a few extra nights. Once the call starts to come, be vigilant for possible fraud.

Take precautions to show the plane only in natural light on good day weather conditions. When the plane is hangarred, bring it out in the sun, where it shimmers and where inspections and test flying are simpler. Complete descriptive list of the aeroplane, complete with details of how, where and when it will be supplied; full costs; amount and details of the final settlement; down payment'trustee for handling; aeroplane conditions'any known defect or non-compliance with notices; seller's liability in the event of late payments; buyer's liability if aeroplane is not as specified.

Since the normal deal is several thousand dollar, a well-written purchase agreement can protect the vendor and the purchaser from the risk of bargaining and litigation for long periods of time. Aircraft selling is often associated with higher amounts than are traded in the selling of some homes or other properties.

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