Yellow call

Gelber Call

amber Men are singing a few pieces of music, followed by a squeaky buzzing, similar to a big heavier front doors vibrating on a very rusted metallic hinged. In the mornings and evenings during the incubation period they are singing about plaits, reed mace, railings, bushes or small bushes. Women make a clattering noise that can be regarded as a tune.

Among her phone conversations are common control phone conversations used in many incubation situation, shouts from alerted female, growling of struggling or pairing male, and hard male rattling when it comes to carnivores.


Gelbkehlende ventos chant a fractured row of buried 2- and 3-syllable words as if they would say three eight. Pete Dunne described the tune as vicero with a throatache in his Essential Field Guide Companion. The male sings from the baldachin, beginning during hike and incubation, although the singing strength diminishes after mating.

Roth-eyed streaks are similar in tone but do not have the grave qualities of yellow-throated streaks. Male and female make a rough, ranting gossip with aggressiveness meetings with other vicero's, birds or carnivores. With the degree of menace, the severity of the swear words grows.

Ring throttling and the Code Yellow Status

The following information on call choking is included in this chapter: In the following table, several of the call choking settings are defined: For the value you specify in this argument, the base is a calculation that uses the value in the Code Yellow Entry Latency argument that indicates the lag in milliseconds. 1.

Yellow code entry latency value multiplies by the Yellow code exit latency value. Using this setting you can deactivate call choking. If call choking is activated, a rescheduling sound and, according to the telephone type, a command request on the telephone screen are given to a caller attempting a new call.

The call choking feature is effective in avoiding the issue where a caller tries to make a new call, but the lag time between picking up and picking up the dialling beep is too long to cause the caller to react (such as a complaint to the system admin or whether the system has failed or the telephone is broken).

Call choking incidents are logged in CCM/SDI and SDL traces and can deliver useful information.

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