Dreamliner Private Jet

Private jet Dreamliner

In the interior of the private Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the most luxury private jet in the can. 2-DEER, the world's most luxury private jet, costs an estimated £230 million to manufacture. This jet can accommodate up to 40 persons and is fully equipped with a main room and private bath. Built to the highest standards, the world's most luxury private jet, featuring high-tech comforts, a main room and enough room for 40 persons, is truly unique - and its production costs an estimate of 230 million pounds.

Civilian Boeing 787 Dreamliners can usually transport between 240 and 335 people - but the use of this type is slightly different. Featuring the tongue-in-cheek "2-DEER" numbering, the plane was cored and completely refurbished to incorporate market-leading technology innovation such as remote-controlled venetian shutters and furnishings, dimmed lights and an extra-large showers.

At the beginning of the last week the aeronautical journalist Sam Chui was allowed to take a private jet ride at the Dubai Air Show. When Chui was on the ground floor of the airplane, he was welcomed by the jet crews, hand-picked by the already elitist employees of the Hainan Airlines Group (HNA) family. aboard the airplane, Chui asked for a place to exchange his boots for a set of fleecy clogs.

Then Chui made a trip by the private jet - called "flying penthouse" - under the direction of the on board team. Passangers board the aircraft in a "lobby" leading to a murky, wood-clad passage. There are also two large dinner desks in the master suite, which can be set for early dinner beverages, afternoons or a complete celebration prepared by the private cook on board.

Separated from the front of the aircraft from the front area of the aircraft, you will find a fully fenced, fully private main room with a super-king twin berth. There is even a separate brick covered main room with a large bathroom with showers and twin sinks. The rear part of the aircraft has 18 VIP seating units with its own equipment (and ample legroom) for extra people.

Whilst this unique plane can usually only be seen by the extremely wealthy élite, Chuis led tours can be seen here:

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