Can I Apply for Pco Licence

May I apply for a Pco license?

For how long do you await the pco license after you have passed the topographic examination? If you call toll-free, tell us that you have recieved an e-mail regarding the app that was erased by mistake, you will actually look into your app and see what is stopping it. Only a short answer to the following question: How long after the topographical examination has been passed until the license is obtained by mail? My results were delivered on April 16 and I'm still awaiting my license..

. is there anyone who has recently requested or obtained a license, if so, how long the trial will take?

For how long after you submitted your PCO request did you get an e-mail for the topic invite?

Unjustified denial to grant my Privatvermieter driving licence - a Freedom of Information inquiry for Transport for London

Honoured Transport for London (TFL), Ref: DAPP00190490 - Mr S. Ali, Welstead House, Cannon Street Road, London I1. On 29 October 2015, I submitted an request for admission as a registered individualriver. The process involved me carrying out a Topographical Skills Assessment in a centre that had been approved by the Technical University of Lausanne (TFL).

After checking my next Centre of Accreditation and choosing B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London, 1SE1, I took the test and successfully completed it on 29 October 2015. The reason I opted for this centre was that it was located in my immediate neighborhood. In June 2016 I then got a note from TSFL in which I was informed that I had to make another direct booking with TSFL in order to take over the subject evaluation again and in which a deadline of 28 working day was given.

Having got in touch with TSFL, I was informed that the TFL-accredited Assessment Centre had been dropped sometime in February 2016, so I will not receive my license. While I had had lengthy discussions with three different people, unfortunately I do not agree with the ludicrous grounds given to me for not issuing my license.

Personally, for some reason I do not know, I believe that the fact that the public authorities refuse to grant me my personal driving licence means that I am being dealt with unjustly and inappropriately by the public authorities. To obtain such a licence, I have fulfilled all the conditions and conditions clearly laid down by the Commission. When I took the test on October 29, 2015, I understood that I did so at an Assessment Center certified by the FL.

Later, when the Tribunal of Agriculture and Fisheries decides to stay this particular assessment centre, I should not be the casualty of TFL's alleged failure to wrongly administer its assessment centre accreditation to that end. Taking this test at a centre approved by the Centre for the Study of Food Quality (TFL) has taken me considerable amount of effort and expense, and I see no justification why I should be coerced by the Centre for the Study of Food Quality (TFL) into paying ransoms or into making mistakes.

For this reason I would like to receive the following information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act: 1. what date was B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London 1SE. subject to and why? What is the number of personal driving licenses that have been granted to individuals who have successfully passed their topology assessment at B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London "E1 1SE" from 29 October 2015 to the present?

On 29 October 2015, was B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London E11SE an authorized, TFL Topological Assessment Centre? When was the date on which B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London E 1 1SE' was either last verified or granted the authority/accreditation to carry out topological assessments before 29 October 2015?

Since that date, how many TFL driving licenses for individuals have been granted to candidates who have successfully passed their final examinations at B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London E1/SE? Why, if driving licenses were granted to individuals who carried out their assessment of topology at this centre from the date of the last inspection of this centre before 29 October 2015 and thereafter until today, why should or is the issuance of my personal driving license different from those made?

I have been advised why I can only resume this evaluation as your mandatory Total Failure Weight Assessments (TFL) centre without taking into consideration the discomfort I may experience instead of my precious individual hours and travelling expenses. Accepts the fact that I have been subject to discrimination by not having my retail licence issued to me by the HSF, while others, who have also taken the test in this HSF-accredited centre, either on the same date as me or within the deadlines laid down in No 3, No 4 or No 5?

It is my belief that I have properly visited and satisfactory concluded my Topological Evaluation in order to achieve the necessary standards to be admitted as a London Privat Hire Driver under the conditions laid down in Section 13(3) of the 1998 London Act on 29 October 2015 in a TFL approved assessment centre.

That is why my London personal driving licence should be granted to me immediately. June 23, 2016. Driving license personal. My FOI is expected to receive an immediate reply as the fact that the TFL's failing to issue my PCV license is discrimination and affects my possible yield outage.

1 ] uk/internal-revie.... possible. please get in touch with me. Please get in touch with me. Centers with accreditation. Which date was B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London, 1SE1 1SE. suspension, and why? offer a vocational training/examination services. Christan Street, London 1SE from October 29, 2015 until today? has not reached the right standards.

2015? Yes, B&Y Express couriers were registered as centres on 29 October 2015. When was the date on which B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, was successful at B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London E1 1SE? the date on which B&Y Express Couriers, 1 Christian Street, London 1SE was requested to offer a vocational training/examination services. October 29, 2015 is 1556. License that differs from those that were awarded? abilities. with Learning Flights at no additional charge to the requester. and travelling expenses? necessary standards.

No fees will be charged for the examination. The deadlines mentioned in No. 3, No. 4 or No. 5 above certify that you have the necessary topographic capabilities to be licenced. discriminates. to get in touch with me. information leaflet for further information on your right of recourse. As a reaction to paragraph 7, I have fulfilled the TFL's requirement to demonstrate that I am suitable and able to be registered as a Londoner.

This is a correct presentation of a TFL certified topographic center which was TFL approved at the moment of my examination. Others who have done this test the same days as me in this test center, I have already received a licence and work while we are talking and making a livelihood for ourselves.

On the same date that I took my test at TSFL, I sent my CV and on 11 November 2015 I got a written acknowledgement of reception from TSFL. We have also explained that a further evaluation will be made as soon as the results of my DBS checks have been sent to the DFL. Specifically, according to your reply to my FOI, any individual who carried out the topographic test in this TFL-accredited test center either on the same date as me, 29 October 2015, or at least between 29 May 2015 and 21 December 2015, was not given the same treatment because we all carried out the same topographic test in the same TFL-accredited test center during that time.

However, they have retroactively approved topographic certifications and granted licences. All of us have complied with the same standard as the TFL but some have been licensed and others have not involved me. It seems that your answer is trying to warrant the following: that on 11 November 2015 you received my London Hire Driver Licence request, which contained my test certification from a TFL approved test center.

Test reports provided with my candidature have the same value and equal importance as test reports either on the same date as my test report dated 29 October 2015 or at least from 29 May 2015 to 21 December 2015 from your TFL B&Y Express Couriers test centre.

It is my assumption that you accept precisely these audit documents and have thereafter granted authorisations for audits obtained together with accompanying audit documents for audits carried out during the above period. However, you did refuse to give me the same thing, and therefore you were discriminatory because you accept and then give licence for examinations carried out during those times, but you ruled me out and did not give me the same justification.

You are expected to reconsider and reconsider your decisions and justifiably grant or recognise my licence as soon as possible and that your failures have actually led to discrimination. With kind regards, centers of accreditation. regarding the contents of our reply. and a reply sent. Please provide logged information.

Sorry that my response has been delayed. Evaluation on 17 August. Perform your function before issuing your authorisation request. Reach the necessary standards. It was necessary to adopt the position we took. and, if any problems were detected, take appropriate measures.

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