G5 Airplane Cost

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Primary Attitude Indicator for certified aircraft K10-00280-00-00 Electronic Flight Instrument Primary Attitude Indicator for certified aircraft Type designation: Armin G5 G5, the small and affordable G5 airborne electronics provides outstanding power and dependability as a stand-alone main resource for airplane position information. The system also shows information such as airspeed and elevation to improve situation perception. The G5 offers a cost-effective general purpose type-certified fixed-wing aeroplane upgrading pathway through a supplementary certification (STC) with a full AML.

G5's security capability is revolutionizing General Air Transport (GA) by providing a state-of-the-art adjustment link to tens of millions of aircraft that would otherwise be dependent on older, vacuum-powered devices. Instead of a prime position or direction display, the G5 airborne electronics meter is certified for mounting - via a Garmin-held STC - on 100 certified fixed-wing aeroplane designs.

Applicable to flights under VFR and IFR operating modes, G5 is an economic upgraded pathway for thousand of operators looking for an electric powered position gauge with greater reliability and built-in redundancy versus vacuated flying instrumentation. The G5 is certified as a prime location information resource with a 3.5-inch clear, sunlight-readable LC screen.

In addition, it acts as a primary resource for elevation, airspeed and perpendicular velocity - all in a unified tool. G5 blends into the aircraft's current pitot/state system and shows position, airspeed, elevation, verticality, slip/slip, cornering velocity, floor lane, adjustable V-speed reference, beam adjustment and height selection, as well as warning messages when reaching the pre-selected elevation.

On-board GPS provides GPS-based tracking and ground speed information, and a special dial allows simple adjustment to height errors and atmospheric pressures. The G5 is mounted in a 3-1/8 in. (79.4 mm) tool pocket as standard, is 3 in. deep and contains a back-up rechargeable batteries for ease of integration into a variety of airplanes.

Aeroplanes without compliant positioning data can be equipped with an additional aerial. Part of the STC, the G5 comes with a 4-hour backup back-up batteries, and the pilot can read the batteries in the top right of the screen.

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