Gulfstream G550 Price

The Gulfstream G550 Price

Previously Jackson had a Gulfstream IV, but was plagued with too many refueling stops, so he decided to start trading. What does it cost to buy a Gulfstream G550? The prices are between $2100000000000000 and $307500000000. See 54 Gulfstream G550 private jets for sale.

The Gulfstream G550 jet for private selling

What does it take to buy a Gulfstream G550? Pricing ranges from $21,000,000 to $30,750,000, 54 of which are currently for sale. 25,000,000 of these are currently for purchase. Choose brand and type above to find more privatefly owned aircraft for purchase. Are you interested in purchasing or purchasing a personal aircraft? Contacting a professional in the field of aircraft acquisitions, please fill in the following enquiry for a free evaluation:

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Cost comparison of the Gulfstream G550 and Global 6000

The Gulfstream G550 and Bombardier Global 6000 are two of the world's most sophisticated ultra-long-range large-bodies. All of them have some of the longest routes of any corporate aircraft, both with a trans-continental reach of more than 6,000 mph. We will use 200,000 mile per year as the standard in our comparisons for reasons of consistence.

With the G550 circling at around 475 knot or 548 mph, which means that in this case the G550 will fly 365h a year. Global 6000 has exactly the same cruising rate, so the number of flights is the same. What is the differential between the ownership of each of these aircraft for one year, calculated on the basis of fix charges and straight charges?

The G550 from Gulfstream is burning around 402. 30-g allons of gas per mph. $5. 00 a gal, gas will be $2,011. Fifty an o'clock an an hour. For a G550, you can assume that service will be approximately $1,207. at 06 per lesson. 55 on an hourly basis. With 365 hrs or 200,000 mph, that's a grand total of $1,174,774,774.

Crewing the G550 averages US$ 247,650. You' ll probably be paying $119,730 to get a G550 into the shed. Your policy, which includes comprehensive and third party coverage, will cover you for $52,650. You' re paying $101,400 for your pilots' education. Taken together, these fix charges add up to $521,430. For 365 hrs we consider the following costs:

Global 6000 is burning 461. 100 Gallons of gasoline per h, which, at $5. 00 per gallon, is $2,305. 00 per h. Global service is $1,211. Eighty-five an o'clock an o'clock, on averages, $320 included. Taken together, overall propellant and service charges result in $3,516.85 per incident. With 365 hrs (200,000 miles), look at the $1,283,650 spend.

Twenty-five per year on directly related running expenses. for the G550, $247,650. Fifty for the airplane hanger for the year, your insurances will be $53,076. 01 for the year, and your pilots' education will be $99,255.00. Totally your fix fee is about $523,903.

365 and a half o'clock, that gives us: In the course of a year you would be paying just over $100,000 to pilot the Global 6000. Much of the change between the two is in terms of consumption. Global 6000 incinerates nearly 60 more galons of gasoline per hour, resulting in immediate cost increases of nearly $300 per additional dollar per additional hour. 3.

G550's cab is a few meters longer than Global 6000's, but Global's is about a meter more. However, the G550's cruising distance is about 600 sea miles longer than the Global 6000's and uses slightly less mileage. The VREF has the sales value of a 2016 G550 at $50.

$5 million and a 2016 Global 6000 with $48 million. If that' is said, you are spending an additional $2.5 million on the Gulf Stream, but saving $100,000 a year in running expenses.

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