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Air Charter Light Jet Executive Jet Comfort and Speed. private aircraft, charter flight, aircraft rental, charter jet. A very innovative small jet that is efficient and quiet at the same time.

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HondaJet is Honda's first entry into aerospace construction, characterized by its distinctive qualities and efficiencies. Honda Jet, Honda's first airplane, belongs to the new very light jet family that is revolutionising the business aviation world. The HondaJet is Honda's first aerospace forklift to feature distinctive qualities and efficiencies.

It''s unique airplane styling is characterized by the overhead mounting of the engines, which maximizes cab room and cab comforts. There will be a comfortable capacity for 5 people.

Jet Charter Honda

HondaJet is driven by two GE Honda HF120 customized motors, a GE Honda and Honda JV. They use a fully-fledged digital electronic control system (FADEC) that is ultra-compact and the first of its kind in its kind. The HondaJet can travel at up to 420 kn (483 mph) with these highly effective motors.

Positioning the powerplant above the blade lowers air resistance and improves aerodynamics and improves mileage. Further contributors to the HondaJet's stunning blend of fuels are the building substrates used to build the body and blades. It has a light weight composites body and the blades are made of individual aluminium plates that are strengthened in structure, resulting in a more smooth finish than conventional blades.

As Honda explains, these characteristics together provide 30-40% more energy consumption than similar airplanes. The HondaJet also uses a Garmin G1000 built-in fiberglass dashboard, and the Garmin G1000 is the first G1000 to be equipped with a G1000.

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Honda's new HA-420 HondaJet, Honda's groundbreaking commercial jet, has the highest cruising speeds and longest cruising ranges in its category. Thanks to the unique over-wing engine placement, the spacious HondaJet cab has the ability to seat four occupants in comfort, while also having a closed toilet, electric shutters and several stowage spaces above the canopy.

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