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Purchase travel tickets

It'?s buying those holiday tickets? Now. Travelling during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays is a necessary evils for many. "Thanksgiving's avarage airfare will alter the cost of your vacation by over 100 times," said Patrick Surry, senior analyst at the Hopper travel reservation service, in a recent one.

However, here are some travel expert advice that can help you minimise the pains - both financially and logistically - of your next vacation.

Hipmunk, another travel reservation site, said the best period to make a reservation for the Thanksgiving day would have been the 1st of October and the 15th of October for the snow season. However, it is still important to make your reservation as soon as possible, as rates will increase each and every weekend as you get nearer to your destination, says Hopper, and if you need to make a reservation, make it at least two working days before that.

"In this last minute windows price tends to rise most drastically, and while you may have already learnt from someone who gets a lot the pre-Christmas morning, the real thing is that the figures show that this is very, very unlikely," Mr Surry said. If you travel during your holidays, your overall rate will be lower and lower.

The Hipmunk found out that Thanksgiving Day costs you 21% less to fly than the top rate. Saving a similar amount by travelling on Christmas Day and avoid the most expensive Friday before, December 21. You saw below-average fares with returns on Tuesday 27 November and Wed 28 November.

When you just want to get away in this vacation period and you have some leeway where you are going, you will find some great travel offers. Configuring warnings with applications like Hopper and Hipmunk can help you keep abreast of lost prices and reduced rates. You can also use Google's new travel booking engine, which lets you select from the 25 most popular vacation destinations to see how far in advance you should make a booking.

It is not a poor concept to get some cheap alternate travel solutions. Googles has seen a tendency towards lower rates for travel to major global cities such as Paris, London and Cancun, with rates 20 per cent below averages. As Hipmunk found out, these rental companies can cut Thanksgiving travelers' rent by an annual 10 per cent and Christmas 7 per cent.

However, if you choose accommodation and its comforts, there are also ways to make money, especially if you are flexibility where you live. Googles found that San Francisco, Boston and Washington D.C. are the three US towns that generally offer the best accommodation with mean cost reductions of 40 to 50 per cent.

"In many US towns, hotels are falling in the pre Thanksgiving period due to a significant decrease in corporate travel and thus lower overall demand," said Holden. The Hipmunk found that bookings of outbound and return journeys with different airfields can cut travellers' costs by up to 14 per cent on Thanksgiving weekends and 17 per cent during Christmas weeks.

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