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Own private jet prices

In addition to the initial purchase, you have to pay for the crew, buy fuel and perform regular maintenance. Here's an idea of what it costs to own a business jet. Private charter companies own or manage private jets for multiple customers.

Prices for private jet charter - Jets & Aircrafts

There are a number of different pricing options for private jet charter. This includes how far you travel, how many persons travel and how many times and dates you have, as your prices are influenced by your markets demands. For an overview of the cost, use the free quotation utility below.

What does it take to rent a private plane? What does it take to rent a private plane? What does a private jet cost? No.

To buy or rent a private jet?

The prices for used private jet aircraft, which have fallen in the last few years, we are investigating the used private jet price war. In 2009, at the height of the private jet boom, almost 20% of the world's private jet fleet was on the take. So when the private jet scene picks up, is now the best moment to buy a used private jet?

Similar to a used vehicle, private jet engines are subjected to a sharp devaluation. As new flight security rules are being implemented, the older well used aircrafts sector has implode. Ten years later, a private jet has practically depreciated in value. There are considerable overheads per year for the ownership of a private jet, which are only economical for very high traffic operators.

Mean private jet owners must spend over 400 flying hrs a year to make possession as inexpensive as renting. Annually fix price of an avarage medium-sized private jet: Throughout the year we charge charters for an ordinary medium-sized private jet: A £10 million aeroplane which calculates an 8-year amortisation to a 20% remaining value is the basis for an amortisation of 10% per annum.

What kind of plane should you use? Another important thing to consider is which plane to buy. Choosing the best plane for a London to Geneva voyage may be inappropriate - or at least not efficient - for a long-haul New York voyage. Two types of airplane can be too large to touch down at a smaller airport, another too small to make a longer voyage without time-consuming refueling stopovers.

Buying private jets is (almost always) financial inefficient. Given that regular servicing is necessary throughout the year (when one's own plane is on the ground), ownership of a particular plane model, coupled with the other concern that a particular plane model is not appropriate or efficient for all itineraries, is not enough for most private jet operators.

Consequently, even those who opt for such an option will complement their own flight by charters. Even for high-frequency private jet clients who spend more than 400 hrs a year travelling, the reason for purchasing a private jet is almost always non-financial.

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