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Get instructions, reviews and information for Spectrum in Reno, NV. Media Charter - 17 reviews - commercials - 9335 Prototyp Dr, South Reno, Reno, Reno, NV - phonenumber

Judging from the ratings of others, it is evident that Charter loses any client who is able to find alternate service for comparable fares. This evening Charter resolved to carry out a maintanance upgrading and switched off all charter operations from 2am. There was no heads-up, because although Reno is commonly known as a "24-hour city," Charter did not believe that anyone would need to know that none of its service would be available.

On the phone I phoned Charter and talked to a very kind English account manager who said that she also had no information about the failure except that the restoration was due by 9am. Being a faithful Charter Bundle client, I asked how much of a loan charter is meant to interrupt its operations.

That' about $3.25 at my present levels of pooled ministry. Would the Charter not be right if they had to make hundreds and hundreds of millions of repayments? The only reason I use Charter is because there is nothing like it at the moment, but I dislike the way it abuses people. Another dissatisfied client here. If the Charter had more grassroots rivalry out there, I am firmly convinced that it would no longer be there.

ýI just let her drop on her face in favour of the AT&T fibre optic networking for online facilities, and at less expense than I paid charter!!!!!!!... Your (AT&T) 50MBPS link delivers over 60MBPS in BOTH downloading and Uploading! Good-bye charter! However, I do get a call saying that if I don't make the payment, my services will be turned off.

Payments shouted to me that I had to call support to schedule a date for my payments. CHARTER SUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!! Frankly, it can't get much harder than this one. I' ve got her lnternet, TV, telephone... everything. At the moment I only have their web because it's the only thing in the area that can deal with the speed I need (if it works).

All the time the net is crashing. Hopefully someone else will come in here with new services and wipe out this business. This is the poorest web business I've ever dealt with. If I register for the web site, I require the organization to A) deliver the web site I pay for and B) protect my personal information and myself as a responsible individual.

Eventually I Googleled the number and found out it was a charter. and they were gonna give me a landline and a TV upgrades. Telling the wife to put me on her don't call queue and that if she again phoned with anything other than problems with my ACTIVE bankroll, I would call her.

What point did Charter start with ceaseless text messaging and telephone conversations at any time of night - after all, when they phoned me at 8:30, I lifted off my telephone and tore it into the fellow (Seriously? You won't stop me if I'm a-day or two late.

I now have pop-ups on my computer that tell me that I need to "call Charter immediately if it's an important problem with my moneys! It took me ten queuing and another ten queuing to tear the wife apart into a new one, which is twenty quid pro quo of the amount of my charter hours I spend instead of doing homework.

Please, for heaven's sake, get another ISP into the city. Perhaps, if Charter had competitors, they would match their business and stop bothering their clients. Recently I changed from AT&T to Charter. All I get is lnternet from them, nothing else. Dude she came out to set up, but noticed that there was no wire going from the rod to my home.

Said he had to come back because he didn't have enough wire with him. Then Charter tried to invoice me for an "additional socket" and another install fee. You' ll find that although the official downloading rate of Charter is higher than the one of ADSL, "The Internet" is really not significantly quicker.

I get a six-month 39-dollar deal that'?s gonna go up to $50. Also my client, the AT&T type, got charter and confirmed that the AT&T services are below Par. Services cost far too much for what you get, there were accounting mistakes, and the plumber was poorly equipped for his call, so bad reviews, friends.

The Charter is terrible. A reluctant switch to AT&T was when we were living in our old home and loved it at the end. AT&T didn't maintain our new area when we relocated and we were compelled to get charter because satellite in our area doesn't work well. Charters are slow, the cables and the net, and the TV is awkward.

DVRs cut off the end of shows, sometimes they don't even capture the right show, about 90% of the times the lips don't move in line with what the TV actors say on TV, cutting in and out cables and often freezing them, and there' s a lack of client support even though their agents all seem to be US.

I hope AT&T will offer to buy us out of our agreement, I am so unfortunate. Undoubtedly, Charter is one of the toughest businesses I have dealt with. A Charter client asked one morning, "Is there anything else I can do for you? "I said, "Please never switch to a field technician.

It is the third call I have made to get the rent for my modems removed since I purchased my own. After five phone conversations with my support team and a long wait in the queue, they wrote me back. You just go with someone besides charter. They have still not returned to the Charter for five years.

Because of the TV I chartered (cable leave a great deal to be desired); I was only on the web for at least 10 mins. That says a great deal about the quickest possible services.... I am always changing my web settings, even if I have blocked them. And I keep getting stories that my cable's jammed.

SUPPORT I rent my home and the occupant doesn't want to hang anything on the rooftop and the neighbour tells me that a former tenant court ended in her courtyard after one of the beautiful powerful wind that comes through the area........ and it was really awful. You billed $75 per months for the web site and it was at least three time per weeks for more than three hour.

was to get the charter off my back. Rather than explain everything since I received the Charter in October 2009, I will simply publish the on-line call I made with one of their phone helpers last night. Thanks for purchasing Charter Chat Live! An HSD Support customer service agent will be with you soon.

DDT Hyasinth: Thank you for your contact with Charter Communications. Hi Hyasinth. Last week I phoned about some high fees on my bill. Charters saw some mistakes and fixed them. Caramel: However, b/c I had been overpaying for two moths, I was told that my bill this mot would be less than $1 Carmel: but it's not... it's the cost it should normally be TTD Hyasinth: As for your settlement request, let me delegate this chats meeting to our Billing Support Agent for further support.

Many thanks for your contact with Charter Communications. What can I do to offer you the best possible level of customer care today? Hiela: Hiya: Here's what I just texted you about hyasinth: Caramel: Hi Hyasinth. Last months I phoned about some high fees on my bill. Charters saw some mistakes and fixed them.

Caramel: Of course, b/c I had been overpaying for two time period, I was educated that my statement this time period would be inferior than $1 Carmel: but it's not... it's the cost it should normally be TTD Aela: Thank you. Can I have the full name, billing information, phone number and personal identification number ( "PIN") shown on the bankroll?

Caramel: How do I find the correct passcode? I don't know what the P IN is. Caramel: Karmel: This is Karmel TTD Aela: Since you don't have a personal identification number ( username ) yet, please give me your charter safety number. Your social insurance number is different from the safety number.

Their safety code are four digits a number, which are above right on your account. As soon as you can check the safety codes, your charter-PIN will be set up. Caramel: If you have a personal identification number, we will no longer ask you for the verification number.

Caramel: TTD Aela: I have your personal identification number ( your personal identification number ). Their invoice due date drops every ninth of the month. Mm. We print your bank statements every 19 of the following week. Caramel: Trouble was, we enrolled for this in October, and it was expected to be $39.99 per monthly, although I was billed about $55 in the first two monthly fees.

{\pos (192,210)}Carmel: I phoned last months to fix this, and they fix it and they apologize. Caramel: However, instead of giving me a reimbursement, I was said that my bill this months would be about 60c. Whatever it was, it was under $1 TTD Aela : I'm sorry.

Caramel: Don't you have a log of my last call with a charter agent? Karmel: How about this? I have often phoned when there have been issues with my charter law. Well, you boys have terrible notorious client services. I' ll store this call, email it to Charter Support and separate the charter services this weekend.

A number of houses in our neighbourhood lost their connections to the world wide web. Eventually, after a whole months, they found out where the trouble was and ended it. If it works, it works fine, but the servicing is sluggish. I' m guessing the slower duty compensates for the faster intern.

What do you want me to say? Once everything was up and running, it was great; dependable web and simple cables for the high cost of $54 a monthly. In March I move into a new home and wanted high-speed web (who can really survive without it nowadays).

and they said, all right, we'll equip you with high-speed web next weekend. Perfect, it should cost about $44 a moth. Pretty good for a reputed 1 0mbs cyber. However, while I am on the telephone with this individual, he says that there is an additional charge of $10 per months if I only get access to the web.

Thus, then, he told me to add elementary wire for $10 a months, same overall cost, but we now get TV too. How the hell do you need $50 to install my web and cabling? So if you can get through the bullshit, do it, they really aren't evil as a fulfillment company goes, but they really are evil in the after-sales area.

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