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Taxi Outstation India

At AHA Taxis we are India's trusted taxi partner for outstation rental, taxi service, tourism and transportation throughout India. What is the best outstation taxi reservation service in India? The Roder company is a start-up company that is active in the field of sidetrack taxis in order to offer one-way dropping for overland journeys. What sets us apart is that for these wines we calculate tariffs on an almost per km base, only for the route from pick-up to wine (not from garages to garages like our competitor AHA or Savaari).

Presently located in India, they are transforming the outstation taxi business that was previously disorganized (over 99% of the business is owned by tour operators and taxi operators who do not have large personal coverage. Roders arrives at these representatives and driver via an on-boarding procedure and provides them with the client contacts he receives via his application, website and call center.

In general, Roder offers the lowest rates for any point-to-point dropping on Northern India outings. I traveled on corporate travels as a Roder staff member to see our staff in 19 towns, and from my own experiences I can say that the need for such wines is enormous.

Roders only offers AC taxi and we maintain that we have the cheapest fares on round trip tours (per kilometre we have the cheapest fares in comparison to any competitor website I have reviewed). From our Mumbai base, we are currently also operating in the West Indies, with our most energetic Mumbai-Pune and Pune-Mumbai itineraries.

If you ever need to leave one of our busy towns, please check out our roder.in website. At present, we are currently growing as strongly as possible with our seed financing and are planning a go-live in the remainder of India and possibly even abroad with our next financing round.

India's Number 1 Outstation Taxi Operator

And all you have to do is reserve a taxi through our website and an air-conditioned taxi will come to your home. All our professionals are highly skilled to provide you with the best possible experiences and ensure that you get to your destinations on schedule. We have our own driver at your front gate to ensure that you get to your destinations on schedule and in the quickest and most convenient way.

Booking a taxi through our website and an air-conditioned taxi will take you to your final destinations in comfort and safety, making your trip an unforgettable one that is welcoming, convenient and dependable.

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