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It' easy to retrieve your username or reset your password online. Standard username/password does not work on CG3000D A few month ago I changed my old modem+router set-up to a CG3000D gateways. So I tried several different fixes and eventually pushed the Resore factory defaults knob, thinking I'd just take a crack at it and take the trouble to roll back my networking afterwards. As I know, the initial recovery took place because my wireless LAN has now been set back to the name "" CharterWiFi8180" (my IP address is Charter, of course).

I have a computer on my computer that is directly linked to the gateways via an internet connection and can be okay on-line, but when I try to get to the gateways adress ( ) it does not accept the preset username/password. I' m not sure why it won't accept them because they worked well when I first set up the gateways, and I never modified them (although that shouldn't be possible after the initial disaster recovery anyway).

If I forgot my TWC ID username or my passphrase, what should I do?

It' simple to get your username or your passwords back on-line. In case you can't memorize your username, click the Forgot your username? button on the My Account homepage and complete these three simple steps: Type the e-mail that is associated with your TWC ID. You will see your username on the next display.

If your e-mail is associated with more than one (1) TWC ID, please be aware that you must call us at 1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328) to obtain this information. When you can't recall your forgotten username, click the Forgot your Username? button on the My Account homepage and go through these four simple actions.

Type your username and click Next. Type the response to your safety question* and click Next. Generate your new username. If you don't recall the reply to your safety query and see the My passwords via e-mail button, click on it to receive an e-mail with a button to set your passwords back.

Unless you recall the reply to your safety query and the Reset my passwords by e-mail button is missing on the page, you will need to call 1-855-70-SPECTRUM (855-707-7328) for assistance to reset your passwords.

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