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Get information about the London cable car across the Thames. Minicabs Sky Cars Drivers have the right to reject any person who, in their opinion, could pose a danger to their vehicles or to themselves. The Sky Cars Minicabs must be informed of any changes that may result from the booking. There is no charge for changes made three and a half hour prior to the booking made.

While we do our best to make sure that car seat is provided to the client, we cannot guarantee fitness for your baby or availability for your trip. At Sky Cars Minicabs we track any individual who causes damages to a privately owned car that has been reserved through us. Don't let the vehicle/goods be left unsupervised if the rider moves away from the car for any reasons.

In the event that the trip is canceled 4 hrs before the pick-up date, full refund will be made to the customer's debit/credit cards. In the event that the trip is canceled 4hrs less than the pick-up period, a fee will be charged which will be determined by Sky Cars Minicabs based on the travel route, location, car park or other fees equal to a minimun of £15.

Skyd Cars Minicabs Service Ltd. will process any cancellations as long as there is at least 24 hour advance notification, but a 7 or 10% (whichever is higher) handling / handling fee will be charged. In the event of cancellations with less than 24 hour's prior notification or after this date, no refunds will be given.

For any other circumstance where a reimbursement is possible, please contact Sky Cars Minicabs Ltd. directly for assistance. Any cancellation made before the reservation date and before the car is shipped will not be penalised. Usually, trips from an airport are made up to two hour before departure, trips within areas we offer a special travel assistance usually up to twenty minute before their due date.

Cancelations made before the reservation date but after a car has been dispatched may be charged. Delayed cancelations will result in the sending of bills for non-prepaid cancelations of a reservation. These bills must be settled within 30 workingdays and any unpaid bills will be charged at a rate of at least 10% of the initial bill amount.

This period for making payments is essential for the contract. Should a vehicle stop during the trip, Royal Cars offers an option with a convenient extra surcharge. For trips that are partially ended by the rental, no refund will be granted, the full price is due to the rider and/or the bill if the trip is not prepaid.

Statement on Confidentiality (15 May 2018): Latest policies will be displayed on this page with the date of last update, and it is your sole and exclusive remedy to check these changes from that date. When you use our website, we take various precautions to safeguard your information. Instead, the respective third party's provisions on the protection of personal information shall apply.

Usage of data: Data disclosure: If you use our service, we will need to disclose some of your information to the landlord (the "Provider") that you select to perform your transmission. This information includes name, phone number, e-mail adress, scheduled pick-up and drop-off points, date and hour of trip, number of passenger and number of bags/luggage each.

We will not resell, lease, trade or share your personal information with other third party companies outside of providing our services to members. Data retention: Data deletion: Accessing data:

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