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Air fare agreements with popular cities in Brazil. Brazil est l'un des pays les plus polyvalents et devient de plus en plus populaire auprès de nombreux vacanciers....

Brazil est l'un des pays les plus polyvalents et devient de plus en plus populaire auprès de nombreux vacanciers.... Year after year after year countless tourists fly to the fifth largest state on earth and return home enthusiastic and enchanted. Once you have decided on a travel date, you can reserve the cheapest flight tickets directly and at no extra cost.

Who dares to climb the top of the 394 meters high granite rock will be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view. Here locaux et les touristes cavortent à toute heure du jour et de la nuit. Older people, on the other hand, tan in the flazing sun, relax in a cool bath in the sea or enjoy a Caipirinha. The alcoholic cocktail is often referred to as Brazil's national drink and is served in a typical local melon. experience.

The city with 2.5 million d'habitants is above all a meeting point for local tourists. For tourists from abroad, Fortaleza in northeastern Brazil is still a insider tip. In addition, une plage de sable blanc et une eau de mer claire vous invitent à la détente. Leaving the beach promenade, il y a de nombreux restaurants où l'on sert, entre autres, du poisson fraîchement pêché.

And famous Cuiaba est une ville au centre du Brésil et célèbre pour ses belles églises. From here you can also explore the extensive South American natural areas. Activities and excursions like these make a holiday in Brazil an unforgettable experience that will be remembered for a long time.

Brasil travel guide

Brasil is the biggest of South America and the fifth biggest in the whole wide range of countries. Travellers to Brazil may find the wide open spaces a bit overwhelming and find it hard to get to a town, but most flights to Brazil stop either in Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo.

It' from there it's simple to travel the remainder of the world. Simply get ready for a land of endless natural wonder. First, you can't speak about Brazil without talking about the Amazon. Travellers who book travel to Brazil with the intent of traveling to the Amazon - which includes some 2.7 million sq. m. of rivers and jungles spanning nine different lands (most of them in Brazil) - have many choices.

It is the most populated town in the Amazon jungle and the capitol of the great state of Amazonas; it is also the gate for travellers who want to explore the nearby rain forest. Besides the Amazon you will find your just portion of adventures in the Pantanal, the biggest humid area in the tropics, mainly situated in the west state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

There' s more to doing in Brazil than just playing in the jungles. Booking a journey to Rio de Janeiro - a town that is so tempting that people want more. There is no doubt that Rio is the heartland and spirit of Brazil, and of course where the annual Mardi Gras is held, which attracts tens of millions to fly to Brazil.

If you are looking for the remote and mythical Brazilian beach, you should drive further north-east to Recife, Fortaleza and Natal. While Rio is known as a popular nightlife destination, Sao Paulo is Brazil's wealthiest and financially most important town. And then there is the Brazilian capitol, Brasilia, which may not be as much of a touristic hotspot as Rio or other towns, but is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its contemporary architectural design and distinctive landmark town plan.

Whilst Brazil's unspoilt nature will amaze you at first sight, most people's visits to Brazil are particularly noticeable for the diversity of its inhabitants, which together comprise over 200 million in all. Brasil is one of the most diversified nations in the globe, with migrants from Portugal, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Asia and native peoples having lived here in harmony for generation after generation.

No doubt, when you think of Brazil, several things come to mind: its zest for life, breathtakingly pretty faces, wild scenery, football enthusiasts and a celebratory life style. But like every nation in the world, Brazil has its problems, among them areas of high level deprivation and violence. At so much to see and do, you will need to make sure that you are planning in advance to make the most of your Brazilian getaway.

No matter if flights to Brazil bring visitors into the jungles or to the beaches, there is no doubt a good one. Below are some hints to help you make the most of your Brazilian travel experience. What is the Brazilian climate like? Brasil is a huge nation with many climate zones.

Seaside towns, such as Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Natal and Salvador, have a warm climate, which is compensated by the Passat-wind. Rio's mean annual low to mid-70s Fahrenheit temp. increases in Brazil in summertime ( December, January and February) to high 70s low 80s. Porto Alegre and Curitiba in the south of Brazil are tropical towns, with warm summer and frost and sometimes below zero winters.

In general, the rain period in Brazil increases in November and continues until May, as does a less wet period from June to October. What is the best flight schedule to Brazil? It'?s high season: Brazil's high and low seasons are in the USA in winters, as Brazil is in the southern hemisphere.

This means that the hottest period of the year for flights to Brazil is between December and March. That is also the case when flights and accommodation are also the most costly. It can be a great season to stay in Brazil for a fortnight or two, and in February there's the flamboyant Mardi Gras that you shouldn't miss when you're in Brazil at this season.

Nevertheless, for activities such as carnivals and the like, it is very important to make your flights to Brazil as early as possible in order to conserve your funds. Easter is also another beloved holiday-season. Low Season: In fact, you will find a bargain on your airline ticket if you make an early booking in anticipation of your arrival in May.

Fewer masses of people and lower overnight stays make the low seasons a great place to be. What is the best timing to make a reservation for a trip to Brazil? As soon as you can affordable, you should make your flights to Brazil. As a rule, fares sneak all the nearer to the date you want to go and you will only find a bargain if you make an early booking for the next few years.

When you come during a particular carnival or carnival, you should make reservations a few weeks in advance to find the best flights to Brazil. However, if you are flexibility with your holiday season, you can explore the network for a weeks or so and determine which monthly offer will offer the best flights to Brazil, and then research if there are any incidents near that period.

You should clear your cookie if you check for flights on a regular basis to get better results. What is the duration of the Brazilian trip? Flights from the United States to Brazil take an estimated nine hour period on a daily basis. Plenty of flights directly to big towns like Rio de Janeiro. Non-stop flights from New York City to Rio de Janeiro take about ten Stunden, from Los Angeles about thirteen Stunden, from Chicago about eleven Stunden and from Miami about nine Stunden.

Non-stop flights to Sao Paulo are similar. Brasilia, Porto Seguro and Fortaleza are other Brasilian towns. What airline companies are flying to Brazil? There are several large US carriers flying to Brazil, so you should be able to find an airline that serves your town. Search for flights on Delta, United or American Lines.

Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileira and LATAM Airlines Brasil are the largest airlines in Brazil with flights to and from the USA. How should you package your trip to Brazil? Brasil is a large land with a temperate climatic from 60 to 80 Fahrenheit, so you should bring a lot of clothing appropriate for hot climates.

Brazilian cities have several major airport destinations, among them Rio de Janeiro-Galeao Airport, better known as Galeao Airport (GIG), and Sao Paulo-Guarulhos Airport (GRU), formally known as Governador Andre Franco Montoro Airport. Paulo-Guarulho's Sao Paulo Airport: São Paulo -Guarulhos Airport is the most congested airport in Latin America, about 18 kilometers from the town.

From and to the airports the main transport is by cab. You can also choose from several different buses, the best one is a cheap one to the metro and from there on. International Rio de Janeiro-Galeao Airport: Downtown is about 10 mile from the international airports.

In order to get there, air-conditioned busses run every twenty or thirty min. from the airports to the beach and inner city of Rio and are a good choice for those who want to travel by public transportation and want to make some savings (as compared to a taxi) and at the same time travel comfortably to their hotels.

When you want to go beyond Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, you cannot say enough about how big Brazil really is. However, the best (if not the cheapest) way to explore the Brazilian countryside is to take national flights to Brazil. When you plan to travel to some areas or towns within the state, buy a Brazil Airpass when you book your air tickets as it will help you safe some cash when travelling within Brazil.

The most comfortable and safe way to get around in big towns is by cab. Coaches are a good and dependable choice for long haul trips, and all larger towns are connected to the coaches. Big towns like Rio and Sao Paulo also have metro lines that you can use as well. Whilst car rentals are available at the airports, be aware that travelling within the countryside can be unbelievably frustrating and often hazardous.

So what's there to do in Brazil? Brasil has a flourishing beachside civilization and one of the most popular sandy areas is the Copacabana in the centre of Rio. Stroll through the roads along the seafront to see cafés, dining and sophisticated shops, and then sit in the sands for a relaxing sunny outing.

Planning your journey for February, you won't want to miss Karneval, a colourful festival held every year before Lent. Karneval takes place in most Brasilian towns, so have a look at some smaller ones, e.g. in Recife or Bahia. Sugar Loaf is situated nearer Rio de Janeiro, with magnificent views over the town and Tijuca National Park, where you can approach the 2,326-foot statue of Christ the Redeemer.

People interested in Brazilian cultural and historical heritage will find it in Brazil, from the Kunstmuseum to the Kolonialarchitektur. Enter the past with a walk through the twisting roads of Ouro Preto or Cidade Alta, gilded baroque and rococo cities. Río de Janeiro is the Brazilian city.

Every year in February, the town changes to night club night fashion, with tens of millions taking part in the sampling procession and dance until the early mornings. Directly in the town of Rio lies the Parque Nacional da Tijuca. You will then see the legendary sculpture of Christ the Redeemer on Mount Corcovado. Reserve a seat to a soccer game at Maracanã Stadium and enjoy the unforgettable experience of 100,000 enthusiastic supporters who cheer on their outfit.

Would you like to use Brazil as a basis for your exploration of the remainder of South America or another travel goal? With LATAM Airlines Brasil, Gol Airlines, Avianca Airlines and Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileira operating from many of Brazil's main international destinations, you are sure to find a suitable service for you. Since Brazil is such a big nation, the best way to avoid it is often to go by plane.

A few favourite flights are Rio de Janeiro to the Igaucu Falls, which take about two and a half hour, and Rio de Janeiro to Brasilia, which lasts about one and a half hour. If you are taking a plane from Brazil, you will want to get to the destination with lots of boarding to do.

Favourite periods to see Brazil are Easter or from December to February Karnevals. As soon as you have decided on a trip goal and a starting point you should have a look at our Brazilian airports guide to get detailled information and useful hints.

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