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Yellow Cab Company number

The Yellow Cab Company - 35 Reviews - Taxi - 2964 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, CA - Telephone number You were on schedule and safe. And the first rider I had took the strangest route to where I wanted to go. As a Santa Cruz local, I was puzzled by his handling. It was all right the second it was. So I phoned and was told that the riders could collect their "personal" journeys.

I was supposed to be next in five fucking minutes. No. Once the minute was up, I realised it was too late. Mmm. My co-usin got me to the pod just in time, though. The company has no interest in satisfying its customers. Wouldn't be in any other town to keep in touch. Antonia, the unbelievably awkward and uncomfortable woman who picks up the telephone, is the cause of Uber and Lyft's flourishing affair.

As I was informed that they could NOT organize a trip home from the clinic for my father in advance before I could ask my last questions, she said I should just call and hang up in the morning (the clinic is a "shop" and they don't plan to pick up shops). Courtesy Cab in Watsonville - they were kind, planned his pick-up and were lucky to have the shop.

and Yellow Cab and Deluxe are apparently the same company. Calling both numbers and getting the same people. DON'T USE THIS TAXI COMPANY IF YOU NEED TO BE SOMEWHERE AT A CERTAIN POINT IN A WHILE. Calling for a cab that' ll come for me at 10:00 in the morning.

There was no call or notice after 10 mins that they were going to be too late. Yes. And they ignored my call when I phoned because I'm sure they recognised my telephone number, but they took the call immediately from someone else in my group. You said the cab hadn't even been to Santa Cruz yet.

It is not the first times that I have had problems with this company. Again and again this cab company makes a go of things. I' m really grateful that ministries like Uber came by because I'm tired of the yellow cab crap. Detained cab follower for abduction, charged with robbery, reported to be rapist More reading: http://www.ksbw. com/news/central-california/santa-cruz/santa-cruz-taxi-cab-driver-driver-arrested-on-kidnapping-rape-charges/25289854#ixzz2y36jy4C7 Santa Reach, California - A cab follower who works in California's Holy Cross and resides in Live Oak was detained on charges of abducting a female at a Motel and abducting a female at a Live Oak hotel.

53-year-old Ahmed Ali Abdi worked as a taxi cab for Santa Cruz Transportation Yellow Cab when he gave up a 30-year-old female taxi fares on the 900 Block of Pacific Avenue, said law enforcement. Rather than asking the agencies for help, Abdi took the victims to a motel on Ocean Street's 100 block, took cash from the victim's wallet, and leased a room at the motel, Deputy Chief of Staff Steve Clark said.

Clark said a security tape of Abdi helping the guy in the motel room. "According to the casualty, she awoke later to find that she was lying bare in her bed with Mr. Abdi, who also stroked her bare in it. At 4:00 in the morning she awoke alone in the Motel room and summoned the cops.

An officer found Abdi in his taxi on Winkle Ave in the Live Oak area. And Abdi was apprehended and taken to Santa Cruz County prison. While he drove a taxi for Santa Cruz Transportation Yellow Cab at the date of the supposed attack, Abdi was not allowed duly to run a taxi in the city of Santa Cruz.

Taxiicab driving licences are administered and granted by the local authorities, and each and every person driving must be licensed. Abdi has been refused three prior parole notices in the past when he applied for a licence. Cab company still had Abdi as a chauffeur.

Abdi came to trial on Wednesday and did not plead guilty. What? Can' believe the treatments I got from this company. But the taxi got here fast and the chauffeur was very kind. Either it was in the cab or the diner, so I phoned both places. Calling Yellow Cab, I couldn't recall who ordered the cab, but I gave them my number.

My address details were given and I phoned a few people in the next few weeks. My third call the server rechecked, and this turn my number came up in the system. No sure why it wasn't the first but they said they were the rider now, they would talk to him.

Eventually one of the drivers informed me that the operator had said that he had found my telephone in his driver's cab a few workingdays before but didn't know what had been done with it. It' s been two week now, and I probably tracked a dozen company visits. Actually, I went to the bureau out of disappointment and got the driver's number.

He said that he had found the telephone but had forgotten to take it to the people who had been found and forsaken. Said you should ask the dude who does the drycleaning. On Friday evening (12 nights after the loss of the phone) I phoned and got the message that they would talk to the cleanser the next morning and also the place where they took the cab for work.

The next morning they phoned and were said not to have bothered to inspect any of these places. He never phoned me about it. It is either totally disorganised, totally disloyal or both. I' ll try to use any other taxi company and have shared this disaster with everyone I know.

You have to get their act together if I could be leaving behind bad Stars for the maid answering telephones and this company in general, I would. Well, I phoned, asked for a cab. Well, she really did sound upset that I even phoned. Once the shocks had subsided, I recalled and cancelled this 8:30 am pick-up with great contentment.

I' ve done my research on this experiment, and I mean, come on, how are they still in this business? and now there are about in Santa Cruz. Let your problems at home, the so-called professionality! Meanwhile, I will file my complaint with the better office and in the town, and hope at the same time that this company will soon be out of operation.

I would definitely yellow cab for the poorest deal in Santa Cruz. Thus the woman of the depicted taxi (above) parks for thirty minute in the handicapped area and speaks on the telephone. Yellow taxi that uses handicapped room for handicapped clients, but uses the room for your own use?

Once I used a yellow cab, another chauffeur who was driving so slowly that I was fifteen moments too slow to reach a goal that would only take twenty from my house. Lasted 35 min, no intercourse. It'?s just a slower chauffeur. The lady on the telephone was friendly, had no trouble looking at my appointment in the near future to tell me if it was already full, praise for her! was then telephoned an hours later by a man: "You call a cab?

" "Yeah, I asked for a cab and fares in the future" "that's fine... "Which company are you a chauffeur for? "Yellow cab" me... "Thank you." ýI would not rely on a rider who can take a second to tell me prices even if I have already been explained to them. Maybe you identified yourself by name and cab company when making the call or replying. Not very professionally.

Said the taxi would be there in 5-10 min, and after 20 min I made the decision to call to see what the Deal was. and said they'd gone because I couldn't get out. And so I shouted back and said to her that she needed an adjust and would loose the shop because of her coarseness and that she should call off the taxi on the way.

{\pos (192,210)}I phoned a taxi and I was informed that 15 min after 45 min I phoned back and I was informed that they were on their way. It was a beautiful day riding from my home in Felton to the center of Santa Cruz. The car came in about 20 mins after I phoned.

The dispatchers and drivers were both kind. YCC's competitors, I anticipate, will increase their play over the course of the years, as the whole phone calling and sending thing now seems clearly old-fashioned. Arrive 15 min earlier and yell at me because I' m not quite there yet........if you're looking for a taxi company in Santa Cruz Use Deluxe Cab!!!!

They are always on schedule and the chauffeurs are MUCH friendlier! But I had the best, my rider Enrique was very well informed about the hotspots, professionally, punctually, did he mentioned punctually? And I saw him turn down an bid because he had already said he was on his way.

He' the man with the best Santa Cruz experiences yet. Investment in a smaller taxi company in Santa Cruz. If I can't suck DD into my whole lifetime, I call these types who quickly dispatch a kind chauffeur. That'?s the lousiest cab company I ever met. Just ordered a taxi to pick up my bicycle, and I waited for 40 minutes (and when I phoned them, they said the taxi was gone without even finding me or contacting me). I ordered another taxi, (by the way, they said they would call me this once, but she didn't.

There was a small taxi with no room for my bicycle & when I asked and reported it, the drvier just was lift. {\pos (192,210)}He was quite literally one of the most uncomfortable and impolite taxi drivers of all times. When I ordered a Uber, he punctually came with a friendly chauffeur at an even lower price.

This company isn't really valuable.

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