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Taxi costs from

What does a taxi cost from Lisbon International to downtown Lisbon? I' m from Lisbon and I am now living in Sweden. If I travel home, I take the taxi from the airports to Oeiras (on the outskirts of the city and also an additional taxable journey, as it is outside the municipality of Lisbon). Your Lisbon website is not the offical one. www. is. They can also go to the tourist information inside the airports and buy a flat rate ticket.

19,20 was the amount I found for weekend. So we took a taxi from the airports to the cities for 12 Euro and gave it 15, because we were lucky after having read all the terrible things before we came here. Taxi drivers are obliged by law to book fare and to have a functioning counter.

In Lisbon there are disloyal taxi riders (as I can imagine). Your price is much higher than the current price and seems destined to overwhelm ignorant shoppers. Be wary when you arrive in Lisbon. Quite often, when humans take a little distraction to buy a glass of wine or a cup of tea, their things are taken from them at the airports.

Beware of taxi riders, especially the official cabs you get at the airports. Today, for example, a boyfriend brought a taxi from the airports to the Camp o Grande train depot. After fixing the fare in advance, the taxi rider invoiced him 15 Euro. The cost of this trip should not exceed 6 or 7 Euro.

Another period was when they tried to bill me for 10 Euro in addition to the end fare shown on the monitor, claiming that this was a bustling working days and that they were not making shorter journeys. Since my journey was therefore brief, he said he had the right to invoice me 10? more. Pricing is approximately the same (10-15 Euro depends on where you go and traffic), but there is no chance of cheating and it is much simpler to buy (for someone with restricted speech and Euro experience).

I just paid 12,60 Euro Flughafen into the old town with my taxi. Look into other issues that arise with the day transfers taxes Portuguese lisabon lis airports or ask your own query.

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