How much is a Private Helicopter Ride

What does a private helicopter ride cost?

Take a bird's eye view of Philadelphia! Each of the above helicopter tours can also be carried out privately. Please contact us to arrange this. There is no better way to experience the city with so much to see than on an exciting and informative helicopter tour! NOTE: The fare is per person.

Describe five tips for planning a private helicopter

Do you think that private choppers are just a deluxe for the extreme wealthy or VIP? Helicopter charters are becoming more and more popular - not as a means of directly depicting riches, but as a higher-priced means of locomotion in crowded downtown areas such as New York City. The journal presented this increasing phenomena in conurbations on both shores in July 2013.

New York, a burgeoning population of young skilled workers who can afford to pay, they point out that they are scheduling private choppers for the trip, although ownership of such a helicopter is far less affordable. Another point of view was that the problems that often arise with mass transport - low speeds and possible strike action - make it necessary to look for an alternate means of transport, and this is where joint helicopter chartering comes in. 1.

Locate a helicopter charters firm and make an appointement. It may seem easy, but not every helicopter operator provides charters or has enough spare manpower to organize your itinerary. Once you have looked around and found the right game, ask how much a journey will be. Charges differ between businesses, although it goes without saying that smaller groups and short journeys are cheaper than longer, bigger outings.

However, a helicopter may be a good way to get from New York to the Hamptons or even to Boston or Philadelphia, but remember that a helicopter often needs refueling. It can be at one of the many urban aerodromes in the town, or a box away from phone lines.

Schedule to grab lights. Even though some items of gear or baggage are in order, it is advised that those who are considering a private helicopter package take it easy.

Excursions by helicopter & city tours

Detroit is full of interesting historical, architectural and architectural attractions and has a singular natural beauties that is unparalleled in any other town in the wide range of the earth. There is no better way to see so much of the town than on an exhilarating and educational helicopter outing! The Max Flight Helicopter Services offer the memorable opportunity to see the most famous sights of Detroit from a whole new view.

Bird's eyes can see the Downtown Detroit skyline, Belle Isle, Comerica Park, Rockstars' houses, Ambassador Bridge and more! Or we can work with you to design a tailor-made route via Novi, Birmingham, Southfield, Grosse Pointe or other cities in southeastern Michigan. You and your visitors will also visit the lovely northerly outskirts during this picturesque helicopter outing.

These experiences begin when you get together with your pilots who will accompany you to a state-of-the-art Robinson R-44 helicopter. As soon as everyone is on the plane, the sightseeing trip begins and you will get to know first-hand what it is like to take a helicopter with you. Whether you've always wanted to make a helicopter ride or are looking for a special present, this Detroit Helicopter Trip is the right one!

Details of the tour: What does it take? Rates begin at $299.00 for our River Ride, which involves a ride for up to three people. Although, if you have a particular location you want to travel over that is not along our default route, you can add extra air travel to your trip.

We are your tour guide, but you are the creator of the plane! Is there a maximum number of persons who can drive? With our choppers you can carry up to three persons. And who can ride? The helicopter trips are suitable for persons of all age groups, although we demand that younger travellers be escorted by an adults. As a precaution, the maximum overall passenger load must not be more than 500lb.

If your trip needs to be cancelled, we will work with you to arrange a postponement at no extra charge. Which kind of helicopter do you pilot? Robinson R44 uses state-of-the-art Robinson R44 choppers, which are always kept in perfect working order. Can I plan my trip?

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