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charter spectrum has less than two month time to find a new service partner for clients.

ALBANIA, N.Y. - There are less than 60 working day until the New York Public Service Commission says Charter Spectrum must resell its cables to the state. Charter Spectrum's watch is ticking because the State found that after the transaction the merged entity had not respected its terms by not increasing speeds and providing better access to broad-band service.

Now Charter Spectrum has less than two months to find a new service partner for its clients. A group of 25 deputies, headed by Pat Fahy, drew up a document in which they demanded that the next selected business be obliged to respect the net neutral principle. "Fahy said, "We want to ensure that our clients are serviced as fairly as possible, whether in our major cities or in our countryside.

However, the detail of the change of provider for the hundred thousand households across the state is frightening, even considering just infrastructural cost alone. Mme Fahy says that the state has talked to other suppliers, but says it is an unprecedented job. GOvernor's focus on broad-band service is not cheap," Fahy said.

The Spectrum still has less than a months to file an appeals against the state's withdrawal of the service contract.

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